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International Business and Management Studies (IBMS)

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Business and Management

First impressions have made Bulgarian student Kristina Anguelova glad she opted for The Hague University’s International Business and Management Studies programme.

Listening to Kristina Anguelova’s impressive English you would hardly believe she’s from Sofia in Bulgaria. But the fact that she lived in South Africa between the ages of 4 and 14 makes it easier to understand. Now just turned 20, she’ll be spending the next few years in the Netherlands, following the International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) programme at The Hague University.

Different cultures
Kristina was attracted to the Netherlands and to The Hague University, in particular, because she wanted to study with people from different cultures and she is very interested in business. Her first introduction to the university was in various educational fairs back home in Bulgaria. Then she did some research on the Internet. When friends who were also studying there recommended the university to her, her mind was made up.

Inside and out
Since she started the IBMS, in September 2007, Kristina has been impressed with The Hague University, both inside and out. “On the outside the architecture is striking and very innovative, while inside it has all the facilities we need for our studies, like a computer room and a well-stocked library. And the members of staff are extremely competent; most work in business themselves and pass on valuable knowledge”. Making friends and settling in was easy for her too. “During the introduction week we students were able to get to know each other and familiarise ourselves with the city; it was no problem to adapt to our new circumstances.

Practical emphasis
There are things she likes about the IBMS programme too. “I admire the way it’s structured, and I appreciate its practical emphasis. After the first semester we did an intercultural project and business game with a practically oriented business theme. I enjoy interacting and because it was role-played, we had to show all our skills and use the theory we had learned so far. I particularly liked the fact that it showed us how much we had already learned.”

Ambitious, and an incurable perfectionist, Kristina has set her sights on a career in marketing. “When I first applied to this university I saw myself as an operational risk analyst or commodities market risk manager, but since then my mindset has shifted towards marketing. Financial people need to be good with figures so they tend to be exact and scientific, whereas I think creativity is my strong point. For me, marketing presents many opportunities to express yourself, channel your creativity, carry out research and be innovative. I’m very fond of art and music and people are always asking me why I’m studying business. The answer is that I like business, I feel I have acumen for it, and it’s a serious and fulfilling area.”

Class president
In addition to the IBMS curriculum, Kristina has found other areas into which to channel her energy. She enjoys helping out during the university’s open days and, whenever she can, she assists promotional presentations in high schools in the Netherlands. She is also class president, a role she also took upon herself in her high school in Bulgaria. “I enjoy representing my classmates and helping them with any problems they might have.”

Ever the optimist, Kristina, sees mainly the positive aspects in everything she experiences. “Since I’ve been at The Hague University something exciting happens to me nearly every day. Even right at the beginning, getting lost in the city had its benefits.”

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