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International Communications Management

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

International Communications Management,
Student Testimony

International Communications Managementorn in China, Jessalyn Wang was raised speaking English with a thorough knowledge of Western society. She knew from an early age that she wanted to study abroad.

Before coming to The Hague, she had spent a year studying International Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She later moved to THU to study International Communications Management, after realising that it was better suited to her career ambitions.

Clear objectives
Jessalyn knows full well what she wants to do – she is going to do something big in fashion communications. Unsure whether she wants to be in a communications department or a PR officer, her self-knowledge propelled her from Rotterdam to The Hague University.

Jessalyn: “I do like to study business, but finally I found I am more interested in International Communication Management. I need some passionate courses to keep me motivated. That’s why I changed my major and moved to THU.”

She has a good reason for choosing the ICM programme, as it is related to her long-term goal: “Some day I would like to run my own company, somehow related to fashion communications. To get there though, I will first have to finish my bachelor’s and then go for an MBA in a related field.”

“The ICM programme is well-structured and also offers us the opportunity to apply theory to reality. Important, too, it is really interesting. ICM is laying the foundation for my future career. The various study projects each term are closely related to the reality, and contribute a lot to our understanding of our future career as well as good chances to practice.”

ICM is a relatively new three-year intense course and taught entirely in English, an important reason for coming to The Hague for Jessalyn. Covering all angles of international communications, the mix of students and their different cultural input greatly enhances the effectiveness of the taught material, allowing students to understand how other cultures think about communications issues and making them understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

“The fact that the course is taught in English makes everyone a little more equal. There are people on the course from all sorts of backgrounds and previous education. Another reason for me choosing the course was the fact that there are lots of choices of countries for us to go on exchange and for the internship.”

The Hague
Jessalyn loves different cultures and languages, and in addition to her native Chinese, speaks French and, of course, English and is highly motivated to learn Dutch. It’s not proving easy but she loves the challenge. The Hague takes her fancy too: “I enjoy living here, and especially the beach which is my favourite part of the city. Life is convenient here. Downtown The Hague is within walking distance and I love to shop and party – living my student life to the fullest. Though the weather is quite changeable, I’ve gotten used to it.”

Jessalyn is an active member of the international student ambassadors’ team; “Being a student ambassador offers me a great chance to communicate with people worldwide. Besides, it also makes my life more colourful as I like to keep myself busy and try to experience different things while enjoying everything too.”

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