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6 Reasons for Doing Your Master’s Abroad

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Have you ever wondered why students choose to do their master’s abroad instead of in their own country? If you want to know what benefits you will gain from doing a master’s degree abroad, take a look at’s list of top six reasons:

1.Take advantage of scholarships and financial aid

Money is usually a big issue for master’s level students as they’ve already funded their bachelor’s degree or at the very least spent four years outside of the workforce. Many students don’t want to be dependent on their parents, or to get a loan that they have to repay after graduation. This is a reason for a lot of students to leave the school after they get their bachelor's degree. But if you decide to do your master’s abroad, you can take advantage of scholarships, grants and financial aid. If you’re an international student, there are many countries that you can study either for free or at low cost.  For example, studying in universities of Norway is free of charge for everyone. You can also study for free in many European countries such as Sweden if you’re a European citizen.

2. Add value to your CV

By doing a master’s abroad you can increase your future professional career opportunities, whether you decide to go back home or stay abroad and work. You never know, maybe at the end of your studies you could find a job abroad and decide to stay. On the other hand, if you decide to go back home there are career benefits and competitive advantages associated with this too. The skills you gain from studying abroad and the exposure to a new market will differentiate your resume. Additionally, choosing to do your master’s abroad can give you access to quality internships and high ranked programs in the best universities, which have access to world-class facilities such as libraries, labs, technology etc. These would all look good on your CV and you’ll enjoy it when you hear back from companies that they would be happy to hire someone competent just like you.

3. Take the chance to find more interesting study subjects

You probably have noticed that universities offer different programs and not every university  covers all the subjects. Especially when it comes to master’s programs, the subjects are narrowed down and more specialized. So if you decide to do your master’s abroad, you’ll have a variety of options. You can find an interesting program in a specific university (e.g. language technology) that motivates you to study. Some universities have specialist knowledge and you can gain better experience within that field. Take the chance to find a subject that makes you more excited.

4. Realize the importance of family

You love your family but you won’t realize how much you appreciate them until you live abroad. You’ll probably miss your family on holidays, and your mom’s homemade food or the attention you get from your family when you are sick. Family is all about love and support and you’ll truly understand their importance when they aren’t close by. Unlike studying your bachelor’s abroad which takes three to four years, a master’s program takes one to two years. So doing a master’s abroad will give you a chance to live far away from your family for a short time and appreciate your family when you go back home. You can read more about how to stay in touch with your family while studying abroad.

5. Try something different

Did you do your bachelor's in your home country? If so, it’s time to try something different. Don't limit yourself! By doing your master’s abroad you have a chance to experience a new lifestyle and broaden your horizons. You’ll learn to socialize with many international students coming from various countries with different backgrounds. You’ll also learn to accept that people are different and respect it. It’s never too late to move abroad, and doing your master’s abroad can be the perfect opportunity.

6. Increase your self-confidence

At first you might have a fear of living alone in a foreign country, but prove to yourself that you’re strong and there is nothing to be afraid of. Tell yourself that it’s only two years and it’ll end in the blink of an eye. You’ll have so much fun and you’ll get back home with lots of unforgettable memories. Doing your master’s abroad will increase your confidence because not only have you conquered your fears, but also acquired lots of knowledge and experience.

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Last update: 13 Sep 2017

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