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Study Abroad Articles & Advice


Need help preparing to study abroad? Check out our articles page for tips and advice on studying abroad, including how to choose the right country, university and program. Our ''Student Stories'' section is also filled with study abroad insight from international students from around the world who have studied abroad themselves and are eager to share their stories.

So, what are you waiting for? Our study abroad articles can help you turn your dream of taking your studies overseas into a reality, so take a look!

Last update: 09 May 2018

How to Apply for Schools Abroad

Last updated: 11/1/2017

The application process for university admission is different from country to country and there is no perfect formula for obtaining admission to your desired university. However, there are some general rules that you should follow and tips that can help you gain admission. 

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Tips & Tricks for Taking the IELTS Test

Last updated: 5/22/2018

If English is not your native language and you’d like to study a degree in English abroad, you’ll have to take an International English Language Test or IELTS test. We’ve prepared some tips and advice to help you get totally prepared for the test and get your desired score.

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Best Study Abroad Destinations for Iranian Students

Last updated: 10/6/2017

There are many factors that make some countries better study abroad destinations than others for Iranian students. The cost of university, living expenses, local language, ranking of university, visa access and the possibility of recruitment and immigration are some considerations for Iranian students when choosing their study abroad destination.

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Study Abroad Advice for Iranian Students

Last updated: 10/5/2017

Many Iranian students would like to study abroad but some of them aren’t sure how to do it or where to start. If you’re from Iran and interested in studying abroad, has some advice to help you in the process of finding your ideal international program. Student visas have been a big issue and a stressful process for Iranians in recent years.

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5 Reasons To Use Your University's Career Services

Last updated: 9/26/2017

A university's career services are often under utilized by their students. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should take advantage of this free resource while you have the chance!

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6 Reasons for Doing Your Master’s Abroad

Last updated: 4/27/2018

Have you ever wondered why students choose to do their master’s abroad instead of in their own country? If you want to know what benefits you will gain from doing a master’s degree abroad, take a look at’s list of top six reasons.

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Don't Let These 10 Study Abroad Myths Hold You Back!

Last updated: 11/1/2017

Let’s be honest - the idea of studying abroad is as daunting as it is inspiring, but the reality may not be so scary. Here are 10 study abroad myths that may be holding you back.

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How to Find Someplace to Live When You Study Abroad

Last updated: 8/1/2017

Are you considering studying abroad but are vaguely worried that you might end up homeless?Relax! Every city is different, and some may have housing shortages making a roof over your head a little bit more challenging, but international students can always find a way. Read about five places you can start to look for housing as an international student.

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Should I Study Abroad if I’ve Never Left My Country Before?

Last updated: 12/11/2017

For many students, studying abroad for university might be their first opportunity to leave their home country. However, it can feel really intimidating to commit to a semester, year, or full degree program when you’re unsure whether you even enjoy living abroad. Here are five challenges you’ll probably face if it’s your first time abroad, and five reasons why you should still take the plunge!

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How to Make Friends on Study Abroad

Last updated: 4/27/2018

If you’re considering studying abroad but worry that it might be more difficult to make friends, fear not! In many ways, making friends as an international student is actually easier! Here are five tips to stay social and make life-long friends during study abroad. 

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10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Last updated: 5/2/2018

Studying abroad is a big step. Why do so many students leave all of the comforts of home to attend a university abroad? Here is's list of the top ten reasons why you should study abroad. .

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How to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends While Studying Abroad

Last updated: 6/24/2017

Are you considering studying abroad but worried you will lose touch with the people you care about most? With a bit of planning and the help of technology, it’s easier than ever to stay-up-to-date and nurture your relationships back home. Read five tips real international students have used with success.

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Changes to Australia's 457 Visa Will Not Directly Affect International Students

Last updated: 6/1/2017

Get the facts about the abolition and replacement of Australia's 457 visa and how it will affect you as an international student.

Convincing Your Parents To Let You Study Abroad

Last updated: 9/20/2017

How do you convince your parents to let you run away to a foreign country? We've gathered some tips on how to best to tell your parents, "I want to study abroad."

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Studying Abroad in Turkey: International Student Adviser Interview

Last updated: 12/5/2016

Emre Cakir, a former international student adviser at Bogazici University in Istanbul, offers advice for international students to have the best study abroad experience possible.

How Studying Abroad Prepares You For A Career

Last updated: 4/18/2018

Are you worried about how a year "off" of your degree studying abroad will affect your career? Don't be! We've outlined a few of the ways that studying abroad will make you a savvier professional based on the real-world experience of international students.

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