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Why Study Hospitality Management Abroad?

Study Hospitality Abroad

If you have thought of using your love for travel and helping others to succeed in a Hospitality Management program, then maybe you have already considered expanding your horizons to include degree programs abroad.

Why are so many students around the world packing their bags to study hospitality management abroad?

1. Start a New Adventure

Study Hospitality Abroad

When you study a program in your own country, the content typically focuses on the business side of hospitality management. But, why not challenge yourself and take your passions abroad and set your sights on a brand new set of skills?

By studying abroad, you introduce yourself to a whole new way of life. You will get the chance to experience a new city, a new culture, and most likely a new language. Naturally, such a big change can come with challenges. But, by overcoming them, you learn the skills necessary to excel in your new program before you even hit the books.

2. Make Yourself Marketable

Study Hospitality Abroad

According to a , major employers selected what they considered to be the best Hospitality Management schools in the world to recruit new talent. Of the top ten schools, seven different countries are represented, including Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates.

By selecting a school abroad, you cultivate a global network of contacts and increase your fluency in cross-cultural communication. You also demonstrate to future employers that you are an innovate individual who is ready to take on a challenge and use the skills you’ve learned to excel in a dynamic, fast-paced workplace.

That's why schools like Glion Institute of Higher Education focus on helping you to build your professional skills and connections to launch your career and progress quickly in an industry that continues to expand and diversify. It's important to research a school's job placement rate when trying to narrow down your top choices. 

3. Embrace Your Passions

Study Hospitality Abroad

And, since you wouldn’t be studying Hospitality Management if you didn’t love to travel, what better way to fulfill your dream of seeing the world than to move abroad? Take the opportunity to explore the beautiful imperial palaces of Vienna, bask in the views of Mont Blanc in Geneva, or check out the arts and architecture in Barcelona, and earn a degree while you’re at it.

Or, if you're still unsure of which city you want to call home, try a school like Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, which offers further opportunities to study abroad as a way to increase your global fluency.

Considering you also need to have an interest in people, in a new country you have the benefit of making life-long friendships with both international students, like yourself, and others who are native to the country. This will help increase your network while also giving you the support you need to make your international experience the best it can be.

4. Take Your Education Further

Study Hospitality Abroad

Graduate degree programs in Hospitality Management are also increasing in popularity as industry trends in international, tech, and eco-tourism demand that professionals in the industry stay educated and relevant in order to keep grabbing tourists’ attention.

If you missed the opportunity to study abroad during your undergraduate program, here’s your chance to live the study abroad experience. What better way to get a whole new perspective on life than to introduce yourself to a whole new culture.

There’s no better time than now!

Start looking at study abroad opportunities in Hospitality Management by using our search to compare schools and programs around the world.

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Last update: 18 Jun 2018

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