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Student Life at Teesside University

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Teesside University do everything they can to help students adapt quickly to their new life in a new country, and to make students feel at home. They offer many services and activities which will help students to make friends and become part of the University community. .

In the , there was 90.0% satisfaction rate for living experience (409 students participated).

Students will have the chance to meet many other students from different parts of the UK and from around the world. Joining a club or society will help students to make friends quickly, meeting people with similar interests and sharing new experiences together. .

Socialise at the Students' Union, it includes social spaces to relax with friends, a shop, places to eat, bars, support, and a job service to help you find part-time work.

In the , there was 97.5% satisfaction rate for our Students’ Union and 97.3% satisfaction rate for the University clubs and societies (409 students participated).

Student Testimonials

Jing Zhao (China)

BA (Hons) TV and Film Production

Now a Producer at the China Intercontinental Communication Centre

"I heard about Teesside University when I was studying an HND at a partner institution, RenMin University in Beijing. Coming to Teesside was one of my top choices, because through research, I knew that Teesside University had a good teaching team, as well as good facilities for my course.

I also learned that Teesside University takes good care of students, especially international students. When I saw the picture of the TV studio and all the equipment at Teesside University, I decided to study TV and Film Production. I found my real passion. My final year film has just won the Student Factual Award at the regional Royal Television Society Awards and it’s now gone to win the national RTS Award.

Apart from the technical skills I learned from the university, the placement and opportunities that Teesside University offered me was most helpful for my career. There were so many opportunities coming through and I enjoyed every placement and work experience I did. I got involved in about 20 placements and made myself very useful, and I got my current job through the contacts I made during work experience. I think that’s the quickest and the best way to get into the professional industry after graduating. The career service and our placements and projects officer were very supportive and helpful. I really appreciated all the help and opportunities they offered to me.

I have now returned to China, and my current role is associate producer in China Intercontinental Communication Centre (CICC) and I am a researcher at Meridian Line Films in York.

I have a great passion for making documentaries. I’d like to become a successful freelancer exploring my full strength and making China related documentaries."

Study Film & TV Production

Gokul Ratakonda (India)

Doctorate in Counselling Psychology

"I studied a Masters in Psychology in India, and wanted to build my skillset further to have the confidence to become a practitioner.  I had the choice to either study in India or to go abroad. When I researched the courses available in India, I discovered that there weren’t many courses available which combined practice and study. So I looked at the UK, because the qualification system is aligned with India, and I had the right entry requirements to apply for study.

The course I study is available in about 13 universities across the UK – about six of which are in and around London. I looked into all the available options, and found different universities have different perspectives on psychology and teach students according to different schools of thought in the field. When I looked at the course content at Teesside University, I saw they teach a wide perspective here.

I am confident at the end of my course I will have learned an eclectic approach to practicing as a psychologist. The curriculum is well planned and spaced out, and it really suits my needs. The course is accredited by the British Psychological Society. The fees for courses like mine are roughly the same across the UK, but the living expenses at Teesside are much more affordable, and this is very attractive.

I’m only a few months into my course, but I can already say the teaching is very different. Lectures are longer and more focused. In one week you can cover a whole subject from start to finish. You have the chance to prepare before your classes, you know the reading materials in advance.

Personally, I was not confident before starting the course. I knew lots of theory, but was not very confident in practice. The fact that everyone in my class has different levels of experience makes me feel more comfortable.

This semester we are learning skills to help us with our placements, for example, how to engage with your client, how to conduct a risk assessment, how to structure an interview. I feel like I am getting professional development and I will be prepared for my placement.

The campus is great. I have access to the library and I love the ambiance there. Student services are wonderful – I haven’t felt homesick at all. I access the services and it has been an excellent experience.

I have time constraints, but I have found time to enroll in cinema society – we meet twice a week. I have made friends – it’s amazing how I have been able to gel with people. The neighborhood is very friendly. People were so helpful in guiding me around town when I arrived. Local people are very kind.

I would definitely recommend my course here at Teesside. It is an operative, well-structured course, with excellent faculty. They are experienced, they have worked as psychologists. Text book is not enough – the faculty share real life experience. This is the main difference with India."

Study Counselling Psychology

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