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2 Which MBA college to select? 9/26/2014   prem Hello guys, I have work experience of 3 years in the sales field. I am interested to pursue my MBA from SPJIMR but I think the eligibility criteria is 5-7 years. Should I wait for so long or s...
1 MBA and organisational behaviour 5/8/2012   BH I want to find out whether you run Organisational Behaviour course (MBA) online
5 I am a Chartered Accountant 2/2/2012   Arup2012 I am a Chartered Accountant, which other course should i pursue for brighter future
3 Education in Finland 11/29/2011   .. Guys, have you ever considered studying in Finland? I bet most of you would say no. The reason for that is lack of information about the country. Here I list several things that might catch yo...
0 Marketing courses in Saudi Arabia 10/10/2011   so.swanenberg Marketing and managment courses in Saudi Arabia
4's Business & Management Question 6/1/2011 Please tell us what company you would want to work for when you finish your Business & Management studies - and why!
0 MBA or BBA 4/8/2011   rsandhyagurung Is taking B.B.M and M.B.A in HR a good choice considering if one has taken P.C.M.B in 10+2
1 Business courses in China 12/9/2009   John Hi I am thinking about studying in China. The Chinese economy is huge and I want to study business in China so that when I graduate I can take advantage of my experience and kno...
1 Which European country to study in? 11/30/2009   Can Hi! My name is Can from Turkey, I graduated from university (bussines admistration) and I'm 26 years old. Right now I'm working for international rental car company as a sales agent. I would l...
1 Management and leadership courses abroad 11/14/2009   Geoff Here I am planing to study but I really don't know where to start posible to get answer for this. By the way I would like to study management and leadership.
3 International Business degree in Vienna 10/30/2009   Sammy Hello! I would like to find an International Business degree in Vienna, can you please guide me!
1 I want to continue my master in any business fields 10/26/2009   Adesh My name is Girmay Tesfay from the poorest country Ethiopia. I have been awarded BED DEGREE in purchasing and supply management in Adama university(Ethiopia) in 2007 with commutative GPA 3.45. ...
1 MBA courses abroad 8/14/2009   Bahati Sir, I am from India studying 12th standard. I would like to do BBA and MBA abroad. Please let me know universities or B schools offering this course and their requirements Thank You
1 Structure of MBA 6/27/2009   Jimmy Hi there, can you kindly let me know the fee structure of MBA, with minimum living expenditures. Many thanks!
1 Human Resource Management educations 4/29/2009   Philippe Hi! Where do I find Human Resource Management educations at Best regards, Philippe
1 Finance educations abroad 4/29/2009   kathleen Hey everyone! I want to find a good Finance education abroad at an international University or College. Could you please guide me?
2 Find Business educations in Europe 4/29/2009   jesse How do I go about finding business educations in Europe, what are my options?
2 International Management business educations 4/29/2009   Bianca Hi there, I've decided I want to study International Management, and want to go abroad to study to enhance my international profile. Does anyone have some good experiences to share. How can I ...
1 Business and Design educations 4/29/2009   - I want to study Business and Design combined, preferably somewhere in Europe. Caould you please help me to find Business and Design educations?
3 Business and Hotel educations 4/29/2009   xxx Hello, I want to find an education that involves both Business and Hotel, could you please guide me!
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