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1 is gaming a good field in present generation 5/20/2017   charishma I like to know which field in multimedia is best in todays world...Gaming or movie making
1 Graduate design programs in Italy 4/7/2014   Nfp Teacher I'm trying to learn which schools are the best for graduate design studies in Italy. It would be great to speak with undergrad students who are also looking into Italian design schools. I also...
0 Interior design in Scandinavia 1/23/2012   Allison Biddle I've heard Scandinavia is a designers paradise. Can you tell me the best education programmes there for interior design?
2 Study Design in Italy 1/3/2012   Heidi Everett I'd like to study design in Italy, ideally Rome, but I'm looking for general information about design education in Italy
0 Design in the big apple 12/2/2011   Layla Clapton I am researching design schools in New York City. Can anyone advise me on where is the best place to study design, specifically interior design?
0 Top Design Schools by DE 11/24/2011   Shirley Saunders Hi! I'm interested in studying graphic design by distance education - do you know what the best programmes are out there? Thanks!
0 application design 8/8/2011   srj Is there any scope in apps developing?
1 Istituto Marangoni, Paris 6/12/2011   GVolrath Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me about their personal experiences at Istituto Marangoni in each campus. What the courses were like, the faculty etc etc. Also does anyone know when t...
0 I want study in Switzerland Fashion design degree 1/27/2011   nono_ax I am 21 and Mongolian. I studied fashion design for 2 years in my country. I got a Grand Price of my School’s annual fashion show, so I was granted to study in Korea by Korean government schol...
0 fashion design 9/14/2009   mahsa How can I apply to Boras University in Sweden? I'm Iranian and I just know that must pass toefl test. Can you help me more?
0 Study MBA in China 8/21/2009   Study master degree of Business Administration (MBA) in China in English Medium Postgraduate studies in Business Administration (MBA) in China in English with affordable fees at top business schools and MBA universities in China, details please visit chinauniversitystudy
1 Stylist design studies in Spain 7/24/2009   Evelina Good afternoon, Mr or Madam, I would like to find out best choice for studies in Spain. I am hairdresser and I would like to continue studies, I am looking for image consultant & stylist desig...
2 Design Diploma educations 5/29/2009   Jonah Hello! I want to study design, but I am not interested in a classical bachelor degree since I don’t want study for three years or more. Instead I am looking for a one or two years long diploma...
1 Design Bachelor degrees 5/29/2009   design? Hi! I just graduated from high school and want to find a bachelor degree in design. Can you help me?
2 Design Master degrees 5/29/2009   Help? Hi! My name is Andres and I just completed a Bachelor degree in Design, and now I want to continue my studies on Master level. How can I find Master degrees in Design?
1 Graphic Design educations 5/29/2009   Lucy Hey! I wanted to study Graphic Design, but I can’t find the specific category to search for it, so how do I find it?
1 Design Educations in the United States 5/29/2009   -- Hi everyone! I want to find a Design education in the United States; can you give me any advice? Has anyone else here studied Design in the US? Please share your experiences!
2 Which country for Design educations abroad? 5/29/2009   Malcom Hello everyone! I am looking for a design education and I know I want to study abroad but I really can't decide in which country. Any advice or tips?
1 Design educations in Europe 5/29/2009   - How do I go about finding Design educations in Europe, what are my options?
1 Business and Design phimcachnhietgiare.infobined 5/29/2009   Mia I want to study Business and Design combined, preferably somewhere in Europe. Could you maybe guide me around how to find Business and Design educations?
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