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Do students go to Japan? - Forum

2/10/2010 5:30 PM   Brett

Hey, I want to go and study somewhere cool like Japan. I do not know anyone who has been there. has anyone on here been to Japan? Or even better, studied there? Are there measures in place to accommodate foreign students that do not speak Japanese?

RE: Do students go to Japan?
2/15/2010 11:52 AM   Tiger

I am from the UK and studied in Japan for 3 months and had a most amazing time. My mother is Japanese and I had been there before visiting family members. The toughest but most rewarding aspect of studying in Japan was the culture and language differences but I guess that is half of the appeal of going to Japan. I would suggest you try and learn some Japanese before you go because it will help a lot.

RE: Do students go to Japan?
2/23/2010 10:56 AM   Gino

Hi there Brett, It's nice that you are interested in studying in Japan. I used to study there as a foreigner and I think there would be no problem for you. It is very nice to study in Japan even if you don't know the language. I am certain that you will learn it fast. Gino.

RE: Do students go to Japan?
12/22/2015 4:10 PM   farzana

I think it's good education in Japan and you can learn Japanese culture, too. You can enjoy your life during your study and you may not want to go back to your country after graduate. Japan is an island nation that sits in the Pacific Ocean on the east coast of Asia. It shares borders with several bodies of water including the Seas of Japan, Okhotsk and East China. Its closest neighbors are Taiwan, North and South Korea, China and Russia. It consists of four large islands and 6,852 (yes, 6,852!) total islands.

If you decide to pack your bags and study abroad in Japan with the 130 million locals of Japan, you’ll need to secure a passport, student visa and, if you decide to work, a work visa. Contact the Japanese consulate or embassy at least six months before you leave for Japan to make sure you have your documentation in order. Working or interning while you study abroad in Japan can allow you to collect Japanese Yen (the colorful currency of Japan) meet new people. It will be great if you talk to those people who already passed through this situation. 

RE: Do students go to Japan?
2/10/2016 10:12 PM   Mary

I suppose before arriving to the country for an international experience, 1st of all it'd be better to read and know something about this country: culture, language, history, and traditions. Does anyone want to share their experience?

RE: Do students go to Japan?
4/21/2016 8:53 AM   Ben

Yeah of course. I did a one year course at a language school which was really good, I now work as an office director which I couldn't have done without Japanese ability.

They're fairly cheap and have everything you need like dormitories and stuff. My wife works in Japan and is Japanese so I didn't need it. I just took the classes.

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