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Kagoshima University


Kagoshima university’s graduate schools cover various fields.

The present Kagoshima University was established as a national university in 1949 with the merger of the Seventh Higher School, Kagoshima College of Agricultural and Forestry, Kagoshima Normal School for Youth Education and Kagoshima College of Fisheries. In this new era of rapid globalization, Kagoshima University is working hard to promote further internationalization with distinctive research from its geographic location. At present university has concluded academic exchange agreements with 61 sister universities around the world and accept over 300 foreign students from 36 countries every year. Kagoshima university’s graduate schools cover various fields. The number of graduate students in the university totals approximately 1800-1900 including the courses of master's, doctoral and professional degree. A master’s degree is awarded to those having completed a master’s course which lasts normally for two years. Students who have finished a master’s course in humanities and social sciences, science, agriculture fisheries or engineering can apply for the corresponding doctoral courses. If there is no relevant doctoral course in this university, students might apply for a doctoral course in another university. In the field of medical, dental and veterinary science, no master’s courses are offered because they have six-year undergraduate courses. Students who have completed their undergraduate courses in these fields can directly apply for the corresponding doctoral courses. A two-year medical science master course is open to those who have graduated in other disciplines and aim to obtain knowledge and techniques relating to medicine and dentistry in order to play a significant role in various fields after completing the course. A doctorate in humanities and social sciences, health sciences, agriculture, fisheries, science and engineering is awarded to those having completed a three-year doctoral course. In the case of doctorates in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, completion of a four-year doctoral course is required. A professional degree (JD) is awarded to those having completed a three-year professional graduate course of Law School. The professional graduate school for clinical psychology provides a master's degree to those having completed a two-year master course. Kagoshima_University1Japanese universities have another system called ronpaku. This system provides researchers with a chance to obtain doctorates from Japanese universities through the submission of a dissertation without going through the course studies. A person who wishes to be awarded the ronpaku degree is required to have already made good achievements in his/ her research field and is recommended to make contact with a program advisor of the Graduate School of Kagoshima University before submission of his/her dissertation. The Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, with its three courses and fourteen departments, aims to respond quickly to the many demands of society and to carry out high level education and research efficiently while placing priority on medical ethics. The school strives to apply itself with flexibility and wide-ranging scope to medical research and the development of treatments for the cure and prevention of human disorders. The Kagoshima University Libraries consist of the Central Library, the Medical Library, and the Fisheries Library. The aim of all these libraries is to provide materials and a range of services, including an electronic information service, to assist students, faculty, and staff of the university with their studies, research, and teaching. Electronic information services can be used to locate books and journals in the collections and find information in a variety of databases throughout the campus network.   The Central Library, situated on the Korimoto campus, holds books, journals, and other library materials (CD-ROMs, microforms, etc.) on the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The Library also houses the Tamazato Bunko, a valuable collection of manuscripts and printed matter from the pre-Meiji era that originally belonged to the Regent of Satsuma, SHIMADZU Hisamitsu. It also functions as one of the nine National Deposit Libraries of Foreign Periodicals, housing foreign journals on agriculture. The Medical Library, situated on the Sakuragaoka campus, primarily serves the learning, teaching, and research needs of all the members of the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry. The Fisheries Library, situated on the Shimoarata campus, primarily serves the learning and research needs of all the members of the Faculty of Fisheries.
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0 Trying to contact Professor Koh Sunhui 10/22/2010   Professor Melba Falck I am trying to contact Professor Koh Sunhui. Professor Melba Falck, University of Guadalajara
0 Premanathan 12/1/2009   Burjis N.Godrej I am an admirer of the sophisticated research work done at Kagoshima University. I was impressed by the fact that a member of the faculty, M. Premanathan, has done research on the medicinal pr...
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Kagoshima University

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