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Science programs abroad

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1 Biomedical Engineering 8/28/2017   Rachel Is it possible to get into a Master in Biomedical Engineering with a Bachelor in Biomedical Biology?
0 Elite MS in theoretical and mathematical physics 4/23/2017   dhani I am, final year Student of 5 year integrated MSc. Physics. National Institute of Technology, INDIA. Wish to join Elite MS in theoretical and mathematical physics at LUM. Also, looking for si...
0 BSc 6/23/2013   Mamagau s. Which one is the best career between bsc computer science and bsc chemistry?
0 Egypt 12/21/2012   Hanan Mohamad I`ve a Bachelor of science in physics from Alexandria University in Egypt. I`m now 37 years old. I want to go to Switzerland to study, work & to live there. I want to have a Bachelor in renewa...
1 Plant breeding courses 7/4/2009   Amad I would like to attend plant a breeding course. Can you help me?