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6/8/2016 6:38 PM   tony

Hey, am planning on taking a full degree in Spain. I have been looking for some Spanish Courses, and I came across the ones the Cervantes Institute offers. I checked the language schools and their courses and I found them expensive. Does anyone have an idea on a school/ university that can prepare me for the Spanish level that is needed that is affordable? Preparation for the DELE exams? And the PAU exam? Any preferable destinations? I'll appreciate your help. Cheers, Tony.

RE: Spanish Courses
6/10/2016 4:47 AM   Brittany Holtsinger

Hi Tony, 

There are many opportunities to study Spanish and some beautiful destinations to do so. As you are looking for more affordable courses, you may want to consider locations with lower costs of living such as Colombia or Argentina versus Spain. 

Have a look at the Spanish programs we have listed on If you'd like to get more details about tuition costs or test preparation, fill out an information request form to contact the university. 

Good luck with your Spanish studies, 


RE: Spanish Courses
9/20/2016 6:44 PM   Centro Mundolengua

Hi Tony,

I highly recommend looking at a variety of locations in the south of Spain rather than exclusively at the big northern cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao. For instance, Seville, the capital in the south, has an incredibly cheap standard of living; you could easily find a room in an apartment for €250 a month, and that is including bills! Furthermore, the food is equally as cheap, you could pick up a whole meal for €5 in a bar. It is incredibly pretty, and tends to be one of the most popular destinations among Erasmus students. 

Alternatively, check out Cadiz! It is right on the coast facing Africa and arguably boasts some of the prettiest coast lines in Europe! What's more it is equally as cheap as Seville.

All the best with your studies Tony,

Centro Mundolengua