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Student visas

Studying abroad often means you need to prepare not just for your studies, but also for living in a new country. Every country has its own immigration laws in relation to other countries. Applying for visas, what visas to apply for, where to apply and what costs will be involved differ depending on where you are going.

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0 Visa to China 12/29/2011   Albert Ross I've heard its really complicated to get a visa to study in China. Can you advise?
0 Student Visa to Kenya 11/29/2011   Thomas Korrine Hi, I'm interested in information about how to obtain a student visa to study in Kenya. Thanks
0 Visa for Portugal 11/18/2011   Evan Nellson I am trying to figure out how to study abroad and need advice on how to secure a student visa for Portugal. Thanks!
0 Danish student visa 4/22/2011   denmark student visa To study in the country, all foreign nationals need a Danish visa. To qualify for a Higher Education student visa for Denmark, you must be offered a place to study in a recognized tertiary ins...
0 UK Study Visa for Students 1/12/2011 UK Study Visa Hello! I have come to discuss about the UK Study Visa. First of all the students wish to study in UK will have to apply for visa under this category. UK education system is recog...
1 study in abroad 4/13/2010   syed How do I get a student visa for study abroad?
3 Student visa for the US 4/14/2008   Carol Does anyone know about visas and the US? It all seems so complicated! I really want to do my undergrad there, but I'm not sure where to find out what I need to be allowed to stay? I'm a Polish...
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