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0 Studying in Kosovo 1/17/2018   E.A Studying is a MUST in life, in my opinion and as far as I've seen. But, studying may not always be easy. Due to that, you have to make the right choice when it comes to studies. First, the cou...
2 Tuition in EU 4/15/2016   zeffff I'm a Canadian with a UK passport. I've been living in Ireland for the last few months exercising my EU treaty rights (or at least trying). Here's the scoop: I would like to further my educati...
2 What school should I go to for a course in political science? 3/1/2012   In Europe I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and I have got fairly high grades on my high school end-exam. I would really like to go to study the course "Philosophy, Politics and Economics" at Oxford...
1 study grants for Italy 12/17/2009   Ritu Hello, I would like to know about scholarships, grants, financial aid offered to international students to study in Italy, in the field of design. Regards Ritu Ganguli (India)
1 How to study in Poland 11/27/2009   Jekson Hello. My name is Ira and I would like to ask some questions about studying in Poland. The first question I would like to ask is about the grades needed in order to be accepted by the universi...
1 How can I apply for a course I like in Switzerland? 11/18/2009   Benjamin Can you please provide me with application forms for universities in Switzerland offering degrees in information systems.
1 Student testimonies 10/21/2009   Bheem Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyonechas completed a bachelor/master degree at Euro University in Munich, Germany and could give me feedbacks about it? Cheers... Bheem
1 Study in Vienna 8/13/2009   Monica Hi, can I be informed about the procedures pursuing for study in Vienna will be very honored if you send me response. Thank you.

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