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0 Please help me so that one day I get in a plane to study in Japan for my mum and for me. 2/16/2016   Tamia Hi, my name is Tamia and I would love to study in Japan. I finished my BGCSE in Botswana and I would love to travel and hopefully study in Japan. How can you help me?
0 IGCSE and admission in Japanese university 9/30/2015   abdelrahman Hi, I am 20 years old and I plan to travel to Japan to learn Japanese, take the EJU and apply for Japanese universities, but I had a question. My high school diploma is IGCSE (GCSE) and in mos...
4 Biomedical Science in Japan 12/15/2011   Peter I'm interested in studying biomedical science in Japan. Any recommendations of good programs?
2 How much Japanese is required? 12/14/2011   Sanja Hi, I'm wondering how much Japanese I need to know if I want to pursue a Bachelor in Communications in Japan? I'd like to go to Tokyo.
0 18th Century Japanese Ceramics 11/9/2011   Polly I'm interested in finding out about 18th century Japanese ceramics courses. Can someone give me information on this? What schools offer the best education for this subject??
0 Postgraduates of midwifery in Japan 2/13/2010   hei.. I am a midwife and lecturer. I need information about postgraduates study in Japan. I can find the college that has a study program. Can somebody help me??
5 Do students go to Japan? 2/10/2010   Brett Hey, I want to go and study somewhere cool like Japan. I do not know anyone who has been there. has anyone on here been to Japan? Or even better, studied there? Are there measures in place to ...