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study general medicine abroad - Forum

10/29/2017 4:41 PM   shabana

suggestions on any good universities abroad?

which also offer scholarship programs?

RE: study general medicine abroad
10/31/2017 9:32 AM   Josh, team

Hi Shabana,

There are MANY amazing universities and schools around the world that are perfect for international students wanting to study abroad. It all depends on what kind of program you are interested in studying and what types of countries you are attracted to. 

I'd recommend checking out our study guides which outline info about all the different countries around the world, as well as links to their universities.

I'd also suggest you download our scholarship guide which has 100+ scholarships to universities around the world, specifically aimed at international students wanting to study abroad.

If you have more specific ideas about what and where you want to study, perhaps we can make some more specific suggestions :)

Best of luck,

Josh, team