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Tokyo Metropolitan University - TMU


TMU’s special small-class education for specialized courses enables to supply and deploy classes in a variety of forms and styles.

Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) was founded in 1949. As a public university, it established five undergraduate faculties: Social Sciences and Humanities, Law, Economics, Science, and Engineering; and the five postgraduate programs: Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Engineering, and Urban Science. At the postgraduate level, it opened a Business School in 2003, and has plans to establish a Law School. Since its founding, the university has been characterized by a continuous recruitment of distinguished scholars in each academic field into its faculty and an emphasis on basic studies. TMU has on the other hand also always undertaken advanced and pioneering research outside the borders of its existing academic fields in pursuit of a rich store of wisdom and arts to meet the demands of the times and society. The university has created an academic atmosphere where teachers and students can pursue free and vigorous discussion enabling them to develop beyond their positions as teacher and student. The university’s special small-class education for specialized courses enables to supply and deploy classes in a variety of forms and styles, for example, classes for investigation, laboratory work, intensive reading of technical literature, and others in which up-to-date issues can be challenged. In this system the teacher can see every student’s face, thereby encouraging and stimulating vigorous, close and detailed discussions through which both can grow intellectually. TMU1The university’s buildings, which can be seen through the window of the train from somewhere past Keio-Horinouchi station to Minami-Ohsawa station on the Keio-Sagamihara line, merge harmoniously into the rich nature of the surroundings and are so beautiful in a relaxing ambience. The trees on the campus seasonally and even hourly change their appearance radically or subtly and talk to us. The Auditorium and University Library, TMU International House where international conferences can be held and visiting students and academics from abroad can stay or reside, the well-ordered classrooms and laboratories, the information environment with the service of wireless LAN, the Audio-Visual Center, the Student Hall as a base for student clubs and other activities, a variety of sports facilities suitable for various purposes, and so on, are all a pride to the univeristy. Tokyo Metropolitan University has maintained its purpose to “instruct across a broad range of knowledge and deepen expertise in various fields of study in addition to positively contributing to the lives and culture of Tokyo’s citizens.” Primarily an institution of higher education and advanced research as stipulated in its Charter, Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) also places special emphasis on general education to cultivate the intellectual, moral and practical assets of its students. The Committee of General Education, organized by cross-faculty staff, has consistently improved the standards of general education for the freshmen and sophomores. TMU is particularity committed to improving the quality of the social environment in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The Center for Urban Studies has been very active since its establishment in 1977 as an interdisciplinary research institute. Also, a new graduate program for Urban Studies was added in 1994 following the graduate program of Social Welfare. Open University forums on current topics are regularly organized and offered to all citizens of the metropolitan area. Undergraduate course offerings are given in both day and evening classes, and the curricula are structured and allocated in order for to make it possible for working students to fulfill graduation requirements solely by evening attendance. Provisions have also been made for selected Tokyo Metropolitan Government municipal civil servants to receive on-the-job training at the university. TMU celebrates its 50th anniversary in the year 1999. Despite its relatively short history, TMU has consistently maintained a high academic standing and has recruited excellent faculty and staff. With a teaching staff of approximately 600 and a total enrollment of slightly over 6,000, the student-teacher ratio at Tokyo Metropolitan University is indisputably one of the best in Japan. These beneficial factors, together with reasonable entrance and tuition fees, account for the stiff competition for admission every year. TMU welcomes international students who numbered about 200 in 1999.
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Tokyo Metropolitan University - TMU

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