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Global Ambassador Ioana: Go for International

Go for Gold, Go for International

Did you ever think of combining top-level education with intensive practical work in the fields of Environmental Science, Business or Industrial Engineering? Are you that type of person whose heart skips a beat when you hear words like “sustainability,” “finance,” or “industrial management”? Did I make you curious about the connection between these words? Follow me in my journey through the major study programs available at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

The link between these words is one single word: INTERNATIONAL. With a rapidly increasing number of students enrolling from all over the world, Avans prides itself on being the “Best University of Applied Sciences in 2017.” The university has four English-taught Bachelor degree programs, specifically tailored to the needs of international and Dutch students.

Environmental Science to Sustainable Energy and Technology (ESSET) - Go for green

ESSET is the key to solving current worldwide problems such as climate change, water management, or intensive pollution. The program addresses an in-depth analysis of current environmental problems and their possible solutions. Students combine classical environmental sciences such as chemistry, eco-toxicity, micro-biology, or thermodynamics with societal approaches through courses like environmental policy and law or sustainability and circular economy courses. The program is a good fit for any student passionate about nature, sustainable development, geography, bio-based economy, or mitigation of climate change effects. Sounds interesting and quite unique, doesn’t it? It’s been the dream for me- every day I wake up and go to university with more enthusiasm than the day before.

International Business (IB) - Go for vision

Business, profit, economy, stock market and accounting are definitely words that become a part of your every-day vocabulary if you choose to enroll in International Business. Undoubtedly, as an interactive program, students have the opportunity to analyse business processes from a wide variety of perspectives. The constant communication with real clients in developing business plans, the setup of financial schemes, and analysis of different markets becomes a major asset for those enrolled in the program. A great draw, I would say!

Finance and Control International (FCI) – Go for strategy

As you would expect, this program explores the intricacies of various economic aspects and financial accounting. Have you always had the desire to become an international finance manager or risk manager? You’ve thought about pursuing your dream as a financial analyst or chief financial officer (CFO)? Then you should definitely go for Finance and Control at Avans!

Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) - Go for technology

Are you the type of person who wants to discover the technical aspects of the industry, but at the same time have a managerial spirit? In your four years in IEM you will combine technical subjects such as physics, maths, and statistic modelling with industrial systems management subjects, developing your leadership and consultancy skills. Does this sound attractive? You should totally go for technology!

These are just four reasons why Avans is such a special environment for international students like me. The variety of subjects that fit so many personalities in combination with the internationally-tailored study programs should really make you strongly consider enrolling Avans. Just go for gold. Go for Avans.

Go for Avans University of Applied Sciences

Last update: 30 Jan 2018

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