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Religious studies or Science of Religion as it is also referred to, is the scientific study of religions, their history and development. Theology often takes a far more subjective view point, and aims to gain a better understanding of one's own or another's religion. Often the purpose of theological study is to defend and justify a religion, or help to find ways in which it can develop and grow within the modern world.

In today's society, although religious belief and its significance in some areas of the world is declining, religion is still very much part of the global culture. Such issues as religion and gender, religion and politics, and religion and power are all hot topics, and the cause of many conflicts. The study of religion offers the opportunity to increase yours and others' understanding for the different roles religion takes in different societies. How you choose to focus your studies is completely up to you, and the possibilities that open up as a result of your knowledge are endless

Stuyding Religion and Theology

Religious studies help its students to deepen their knowledge of different religions, and to see their significance in different aspects of society. Nowadays, religious studies are often offered as a part of a joint degree with for example sociology, anthropology or psychologypolitical studies or even business. Not all universities offer religious studies and theology as a part of the curriculum. As a general rule, the older the school, the more likely it is to have a department in the field. The study of religion, both in the scientific and theological sense, is also more wide spread in certain countries. For example Germany, Great Britain and the United States have a larger number of institutions with well credited religion and theology departments.

Careers within Religion and Theology

Depending on which direction you choose with your studies, different career opportunities will open up for your future. A clean Theology degree, most often leads on to a career as minister or religious leader in your community/church/house of worship. A joint degree in religious studies, however, opens up a broad array of career possibilities within any of the following fields: