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Types of Scholarships


Types of Scholarships

With proper research, planning and a killer application, you'll be on your way to receiving financial aid for undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate studies in no time. This section highlights the types of of scholarships available to international students (click here to download a full list of scholarships available).

Merit-based Scholarships

Merit scholarships are typically the ones that come to mind when you think of a scholarship. In order to qualify for a merit scholarship, you must demonstrate excellence in a specific academic area or interest. Students may receive merit scholarships from their grades, a special interest or a specific talent. 

Merit scholarships can be offered in full or partial tuition (learn about the differences here). Merit scholarships aren’t limited to grades, but are to recognize and reward all kinds of talent. Merit scholarships are also offered for people of specific ethnic backgrounds or gender such as scholarships for women.

Need-based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are awarded based on you or your parents’ financial background. These need-based scholarships are designed to provide assistance for studies when students or their guardians are not able to afford tuition and fees. 

There are many factors a university or a government organization considers when assessing your financial status. They may look at you and your family's income level, the number of members in your household, tax statements, citizenship, employment or your country of origin. 

Need-based scholarships are independent of merit scholarships, and in some cases, you may qualify for both depending on the program or university. Be sure to check with your financial aid adviser to see what type of scholarships you qualify for.

Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are given to top-notch athletes by universities to recruit them for their athletic teams. Full-ride scholarships for athletes are common among many universities. Athletes compete for these prized athletic scholarships, but they also come with a price.

While benefiting from a free education, athletes pay with their rigorous training while balancing their studies. Often athletic scholarships are awarded to athletes while in high-school based on their performance in sports. 

Individual Scholarships

Individual scholarships are most often related to a specific level of studies such as bachelor scholarships, or to a specific program, such as engineering scholarships or nursing scholarships. 

Individual scholarships may be offered directly from the school or, sometimes, from a private donor who is affiliated with the university such as an alumni who has set up a scholarship foundation. Sometimes these individual scholarships are offered to you with your university admission and you don't even have to apply for them.

Scholarships For Ethnic Minorities

Some college scholarships aren’t limited to grade averages or talents, but are also designed to help certain minorities or genders, or students from certain countries receive education. 

Where to now?

Each scholarship has its own its own criteria and its own objective. Whether you excel academically, on the sports field, or are of a certain ethnic background, there’s bound to be a scholarship which recognizes your talent and fits your needs. When you find a scholarship that matches your needs, it's time to apply. Before you do, read the guide for applying for scholarships.

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We've put together this handy downloadable guide with a list of hundreds of scholarships specifically for international students wanting to study abroad all around the world.

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  • Eligibility for each scholarship.
  • Application deadlines and links to websites where you can apply for the scholarships.
  • Scholarship deadlines to help you plan your applications.

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