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Anthropology Degrees

Anthropology Degrees

The study of anthropology is, in essence, the study of human beings and their behaviour; identifying and interpreting the variations and differences that exist among different groups of human beings throughout the world and over time.

Anthropology courses are often closely associated with archaeology and linguistics. Students may wish to consider including these fields when searching for related educations.

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Anthropology of Education and Globalisation
Aarhus University
Master's degree
Copenhagen, Denmark
Learning, knowledge and education continue to grow in importance. These are considered to be the prime drivers of global mobility and...
MSocSci Anthropology
University of Pretoria
Master's degree
Pretoria, South Africa
The MSocSci in Anthropology is a full-time postgraduate program run by the University of Pretoria. As the most diverse Faculty...
Masters in Social and Cultural Anthropology
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Master's degree
Amsterdam, Netherlands
The program offers you a fascinating combination of intensive courses on mobility, development and diversity, with time for individual research...
Anthropology MA / PhD
The New School
Master's degree
New York City, United States of America
Students enrolled in the Anthropology master’s program at The New School for Social Research may apply for entry into the PhD program...
MA Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
Leiden University
Master's degree
Leiden, Netherlands
As a CA-DS master, you will be fully equipped with the scientific skills required to independently design and execute fundamental...
Archaeology and Anthropology (Foundation Entry) BSc (Hons)
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
If you are interested in the study of human beings; how we evolved, why we live in different sorts of...
Forensic Science and Anthropology (Foundation Entry) BSc (Hons)
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
During your Foundation Entry Year you will study alongside peers from related courses, whilst you gain a broad introduction to...
Masters in Cultural Studies
Sabanci University
Master's degree
Istanbul, Turkey
•    The cultural sector:  museums, cultural centers, publishing, tourism and media industries •    The private sector:  especially advertising, public relations,...
Human Security
Aarhus University
Master's degree
Aarhus, Denmark
Human Security is a unique programme that focuses on understanding and working with processes of human development in areas of environmental...
B.A. in Politics and Society
Anglo-American University
Bachelor's degree
Prague, Czech Republic
In a global interconnected world, societies are linked closer than ever. What does this mean for the future of national...
Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
Franklin University Switzerland
Bachelor's degree
Lugano, Switzerland
The Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS) major at Franklin focuses on cultural phenomena and processes as they unfold under...
MA Theology & Religious Studies: Religion, Conflict and Globalization
University of Groningen
Master's degree
Groningen, Netherlands
How are religion, conflict and peace related? How does globalization affect local religious traditions? How do religious and secular actors...
MSc in Chinese Studies
University of Glasgow
Master's degree
Glasgow, Scotland
The masters in Chinese studies degree program at the University of Glasgow offers an introduction to the fascinating and fast-changing...
B.A. in Humanities, Society and Culture
Anglo-American University
Bachelor's degree
Prague, Czech Republic
The B.A. in Humanities, Society and Culture program delivers a broad curriculum that develops critical and informed thinking about the world’s...
B.A. in International Relations
Anglo-American University
Bachelor's degree
Prague, Czech Republic
The B.A. in International Relations program offers students a modern, interdisciplinary education in international relations that builds on knowledge of theoretical...
Bachelor of Arts
University of New South Wales
Bachelor's degree
Sydney, Australia
The Bachelor of Arts at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia is an education programme designed to...
Applied Museum Studies
Algonquin College
Graduate certificate
Ottawa, Canada
The three-year Graduate Certificate in Applied Museum Studies  is aimed at students that have an interest in preserving our cultural...
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (BAHN)
University of Southern Queensland
Bachelor's degree
Toowoomba, Australia
On successful completion of the program students should: - be able to evaluate and to analyse critically a range of...
Cross-Cultural Psychology MSc
Brunel University London
Master's degree
Middlesex, England
The Cross-Cultural Psychology MSc degree programme at Brunel University is designed for those with undergraduate degrees in psychology (and related...
International and Intercultural Communication
Mykolas Romeris University
Bachelor's degree
Vilnius, Lithuania
Effective communication is an essential skill today because of increasing cross border trading and the greater mobility of people. This...
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Displaying 1-20 of 20 results

The word anthropology comes form the Greek anthropo for human being and logy for science of. Students wishing to study anthropology have the choice of a wide variety of anthropological fields of education to explore: including the social, biological, cultural and theological characteristics of human cultures and civilisations.

Courses in Anthropology

Educational courses in anthropology can be thought of as the comparative study of human culture, behaviour and biology; and how these change through time. The term anthropology can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines and, as such, is often broken into four subfields: biological, social, cultural and linguistic.

  • Biological Anthropology courses are concerned with the physical changes of mankind: evolution, natural selection and genetics.
  • Social Anthropology courses are the area of study relating to the social behaviour of humans: family ties and relationships; social structure; and political, legal and economic organisation.
  • Cultural Anthropology courses use observational studies as a way of examining and defining ‘culture': This is achieved through observing customs, art, morals and knowledge.
  • Linguistic anthropology courses involve the study and documentation of languages.

Considering an education in anthropology?

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Careers in Anthropology

Many anthropologists pursue a career in academia; however many other career opportunities exist. Examples of potential career paths for graduates of anthropology include:

  • archaeology
  • forensics
  • cultural advisor
  • speach therapy
  • international liason
  • youth worker
  • charity campaigner
  • lecturer
  • human resources
  • healthcare
  • community development
  • media
  • journalism
  • public relations
  • eco-tourism
  • museums

    Business leaders often call upon anthropologists to investigate and explain the impact of different cultures on business plans. They are also employed to analyse workforce problems and economic and cultural factors in overseas business.

    Summary of studying anthropology

    The need for anthropological solutions are arising more and more frequently and in ever more diverse industries. This is due to increasing globalisation and international business. As such, students who study anthropology are ideally placed to exploit this growing demand.