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Dentistry Degrees

Dentistry Degrees

The study of Dentistry is an education in becoming a medical professional who has advanced knowledge of teeth, gums and mouth care. A dentistry education is directed toward medical dentistry or dental surgery, or can also include positions as dental technicians, therapists or hygienists. Dentists work together as part of a team within a dentistry practice. Read on for more information on starting an education toward becoming a professional within dentistry.

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Doctor of Dentistry
Palacký University Olomouc
Master's degree
Olomouc, Czech Republic
Through this Master degree from Palacký University Olomouc, students will be prepared for a lifetime of clinical practice, exploring a range...
MSc in Dentistry
Wroclaw Medical University
Master's degree
Wroclaw, Poland
This 5-year program instructed in English may be completed full or part-time. Wroclaw has a long history in the field...
Dentistry (D.M.D)
University of Debrecen
Master's degree
Debrecen, Hungary
The D.M.D. program is a 5-year dentistry program  offered by the University of Debrecen. The program is divided into 10...
M.Sc. Lasers in Dentistry
RWTH International Academy
Master's degree
Aachen, Germany
The RWTH International Academy offers the postgraduate program, MSc in Lasers in Dentistry in cooperation with the Aachen Dental Laser...
Master of Dentistry MDDr
Masaryk University
Master's degree
Brno, Czech Republic
The Master of Dentistry at Masaryk University is a 5-year programme leads to a diploma degree in "Medicinae Dentium Doctor"...
Dentistry (Graduate Entry) BDS
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
Since 2011, every student who has graduated from this course has secured their first job as a dental foundation trainee...
BSc (Hons) Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy BSc (Hons)
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
Dental hygienists/therapists play an increasingly important role in the delivery of primary care dentistry. The structure of this course is...
Dental Studies (Dental Care Professionals) BSc (Hons)
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
The BSc (Hons) Dental Studies (Dental Care Professionals) provides academic development opportunities for dental hygienists and dental therapists, through a...
Bachelor in Dentistry
Vilnius University
Bachelor's degree
Vilnius, Lithuania
The dentistry program is aimed at educating dentists, which is a state-regulated profession. The dental program encompasses compulsory subjects of theoretical...
Dental Assisting Diploma
International Career Institute
Diploma program
Online / distance learning
Through this distance learning course by ICI, participants will gain training that helps them to become reliable and qualified dental...
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Dentistry education examination

The aim of Dentistry is to prevent and treat disease and damage in peoples’ mouths and adjacent systems. Necessary treatments can be determined after thorough examination by a dentist. Most dentists are general practitioners who fill cavities, perform examinations and pull teeth. Several other basic Dentistry responsibilities include detecting and diagnosing disease, improving aesthetic appearances, restoring parts of the mouth after surgical procedures, and preventing problems through education. Dentists discuss with their patients the importance of flossing, diet, brushing, and other important aspects of dental care.

Dentists can also work within subspecialties such as orthodontics, oral surgery, or pediatric dentistry. In some countries, it is common for dentists to operate their own practice.

Educational Courses in Dentistry

An education in Dentistry is the study of oral health services for adults and children. Courses in dentistry are available worldwide through many prestigious schools which offer education programs in the field. Dentistry is considered necessary for general health of the body; as such, the need for high-quality dentistry education is imperative.

As with all health care educations, most countries have their own policies for accreditation of Dentistry, although examinations are becoming more and more consistent. Dentistry education programs are generally at least five years of full time study. In many places, Dentistry requires up to four years of post-graduate study. After a completed degree in Dentistry, a period of practice is usually required before being fully licensed to independently practice Dentistry.

The curriculum in most Dentistry education courses is divided into three main areas:

  • Basic health sciences;
  • Application of these health sciences to patient care; and
  • Management of a practice through communications with the patient, management of dental office staff, and community health.

Dentistry education Dentistry is becoming more and more open to students who wish to complete their educations abroad, especially the nations in Eastern Europe who have recently joined the European Union.

There are a variety of study options available within Dentistry:

Diploma in Dentistry

Bachelor degree in Dentistry

Doctorate/ PhD in Dentistry

Careers in Dentistry

There are several choices available to those interested in entering a career in Dentistry. One option is opening a practice, which requires knowledge of how to run a business; another is going into Dentistry employment within general healthcare. In some countries, it is common to work as an employee in the private dental care sector. Further choices are provided whether you choose to go into general practice, or specialize in, for example, orthodontics or dental surgery.

There is another option of teaching or doing research in the field of Dentistry. You can also practice Dentistry as a dental nurse, hygienist or dental technician. The future for Dentistry in most places looks bright. Especially in those areas of the world with an aging population, a greater number of dentists are needed, and demand for oral health is high. The same goes for other professionals within Dentistry, who are in greater demand as dental care and keeping one's own teeth has become of much greater importance to the individual. The key to finding success in the field of Dentistry is to be both science- and people-oriented and to complete a high-quality education course in Dentistry.