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Film Studies Degrees

Film Studies Degrees

Film and TV are central to all aspects of modern society - and the study of film and TV are also of great importance in the progression of media in the future. Students who choose to study film and television gain insight into communication and its reflection and representation of our world. There are many exciting education opportunities within film and TV studies such as sound, production, animation, design, scenography, and many more. Check out  film and TV education programs in the list below and begin your journey to the education of a lifetime!

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MA Drama and Film Studies
University of Pretoria
Master's degree
Pretoria, South Africa
The MA Drama and Film Studies is a full-time postgraduate program run by the University of Pretoria. As the most...
Bachelor of Film and Television
Bond University
Bachelor's degree
Gold Coast, Australia
The Bachelor of Film and Television is hands-on and project-based, allowing students to balance creative practice theory with practical production experience,...
Film and Media Studies BA (Hons)
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
This diverse and distinctive programme focuses particularly on the moving image, most importantly film and television. You can also choose...
Bachelor of Film and Television (3 Year Program)
Bond University
Bachelor's degree
Gold Coast, Australia
The Bachelor of Film and Television (3 year program) is for students from overseas who wish to defer their study...
Film Production BA (Hons)
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
If you are passionate about film and storytelling through images, and always wondered what all the people in the credits...
MLitt in Film & Television Studies
University of Glasgow
Master's degree
Glasgow, Scotland
The MLitt in film & television studies is a well-established program taught in Scotland’s media capital, designed for those with...
Film Production MA
University of Central Lancashire
Master's degree
Preston, England
Our Postgraduate course in Film Production combines practice, theory, enterprise skills and personal and professional development. The theory is embedded...
Film & Media Studies (Foundation Entry) BA (Hons)
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
During your Foundation Entry Year you will study a mixture of core modules on essential academic skills, alongside subject based...
Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies
Estonian Academy of Arts
Master's degree
Tallinn, Estonia
This is an interdisciplinary Master's programme that is done in collaboration with Tallinn University. The course focuses on the relationship...
B.A. in Film and Media Studies
Budapest Metropolitan University
Bachelor's degree
Budapest, Hungary
Moving images have become an integral and sometimes uncontrollable part of our daily life. The film and media studies program...
BA in Motion Picture Medium
AFDA The School for the Creative Economy
Bachelor's degree
Multiple (5)
The BA in Motion Picture Medium is a full-time 3 year degree program. In this program students are encouraged to...
MA in Motion Picture Medium
AFDA The School for the Creative Economy
Master's degree
Multiple (2)
The AFDA MFA in Motion Picture Medium focuses on developing innovative research into the production of feature-length motion pictures and...
Dual Bachelor in Journalism and Film, Television and Media Studies
University Carlos III of Madrid
Bachelor's degree
Getafe, Spain
This dual degree offers students a complete education in Journalism and in Audiovisual Communication. These studies have been developed at...
Bachelor in Radio, Television, and Cinema
Kadir Has Universitesi
Bachelor's degree
Istanbul, Turkey
This BA in radio, television, and cinema aims to train the next generation to produce, promote, and distribute products in the...
Film and Television, Documentary Film
Aalto University
Master's degree
Helsinki, Finland
The Masters in Film and Television, Documentary Film at Aalto University in Finland is an education programme through which students...
Bachelor's Degree in Film, Television and Media Studies
University Carlos III of Madrid
Bachelor's degree
Getafe, Spain
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid started in 2003 the Degree on Audiovisual Communication. This was the basis of the present...
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television)
JMC Academy
Bachelor's degree
Multiple (3)
JMC Academy 's Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television) focuses on the logistical, creative, and technical aspects of content...
Diploma of Film and Television
JMC Academy
Diploma program
Multiple (3)
The Diploma of Film and Television at JMC Academy in Australia is a hands-on education course in the field of...
BA in Film Studies
The American University of Paris
Bachelor's degree
Paris, France
Combining AUP’s liberal arts tradition with hands-on practice in film and video, this major will provide a strong background in the history,...
Bachelor of Film and Digital Media
Faculty of Arts & Education - Deakin University
Bachelor's degree
Melbourne, Australia
The Bachelor of Film and Digital Media at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia is a comprehensive education programme which explores...
Film, Media & Journalism
University of Stirling
Bachelor's degree
Stirling, Scotland
The University of Stirling was a pioneer in Film, Media & Journalism studies, having started teaching the subject in 1978....
Broadcasting – Television
Algonquin College
Graduate certificate
Ottawa, Canada
The two-year Graduate Certificate in Broadcasting – Television program provides students with the formal training to become leaders in the...
MA Media Studies
Leiden University
Master's degree
Leiden, Netherlands
Book and Digital Media Studies Comparative Literature and Literary Theory Film and Photographic Studies Journalism and New Media What you'll...
Masters in Comparative Arts & Media Studies
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Master's degree
Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Masters in Comparative Arts & Media Studies education program at VU University in Amsterdam in the Netherlands focuses on...
Bachelor of Media (Radio) Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound)
Murdoch University
Bachelor's degree
Perth, Australia
The Bachelor of Media (Radio) degree at Murdoch University in Australia offers students the skills and experiences necessary to work...
Summer Program in Theory & Analysis of Television
Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
Summer / Short Course
Barcelona, Spain
From the television studies theoretical framework, the subject provides basic knowledge on contemporary television, especially in the introduction to structural,...
Broadcasting - Television
Seneca College of Applied Arts and Sciences
Diploma program
Toronto, Canada
This Broadcasting - Television program offers pre-professional training in television production skills. The aim of the program is to give...
Master in Media & Entertainment Law
Informa Professional Academy
Master's degree
Online / distance learning
Through this joint program by Informa Professional Academy and London Metropolitan University, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of media...
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Communications is a competitive field where there are more candidates than there are jobs for entry-level positions. Therefore, applicants with a degree in public relations, communications, journalism, or advertising will have an advantage.

Since it is a wide and competitive field, a lot of students choose to focus on a special medium, target group or organizational type. Future job responsibilities depend mainly on employer and education. Some companies put a lot of effort into communications, and run large departments where work is shared among staff while others use minimal efforts and have only one person doing everything. This means that sometimes a generalist is demanded, covering text production, communication strategies and layout programs and sometimes a specialist is demanded, focusing on, for instance, only one target group.

Careers in Media/Communication/Information

Career opportunities in communications span many industries and professions, such as:

  • TV, Radio and Sports Announcers
  • Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technicians and Radio Operators
  • Language Interpreters and Translators
  • News Analysts, Reporters, and Correspondents
  • Photography
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Television, Video, and Motion Picture Camera Operators and Editors
  • Writing and Editing

Although there are no standard educational requirements for jobs in this sector, employers in many cases prefer to hire job candidates with college degrees and some experience. Common majors include public relations, journalism, communications, and advertising. Experience generally comes from internships. Work in a field related to the employer's industry is also helpful. Sought-after skills in applicants for media, communication, and information jobs include:

  • the ability to communicate clearly
  • creativity
  • initiative
  • good judgment
  • an outgoing personality
  • self confidence

Studying Media, Information, and Communication

If you are searching for overseas education programs in media, communication, and information you will find many alternatives to choose from. If you already have an undergraduate degree you can study a master's degree in any of the specialties available. The foundation of communications studies is a combination of behavioral science, sociology, pedagogy, and linguistics. By studying communication and information you acquire skills to critically analyze different images of reality, how media work and how identity, image and target population shape communication. Language skills are often your most important tools. Popular courses to combine with a communications major are organizational studies, economics, multimedia, languages, creative writing, and marketing.