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Geography is the discipline of studying the Earth with all its features, inhabitants and phenomena. It is not solely a question of where objects are positioned, but how they have changed over time and come to be. It is the discipline that to the greatest degree bridges the human and physical sciences.

Geography careers

With a degree in geography you are open to use your knowledge within the fields of weather and climate, biogeography, natural hazard management and human environmental interaction to name but a few. Many jobs are available within governments, but also non-profit organizations and for-profit companies working with the field. Geography splits into two main branches - human and physical geography. Depending on which you choose to focus on, although a geography degree will provide the foundations of both, you can move into a varied number of job opportunities. The skills you develop while at university will also help you into a future career. Besides the geography-specific skills, you will develop widely transferrable skills such as, verbal presentation and numerical analysis. You will also leave with various IT skills and good practice in teamwork. Beyond what you are taught, personal attributes will of course also play a role what positions you will fit best in.

Studying geography

Geography is offered at most universities worldwide. As with all disciplines, specialties among universities differ. It can always be advisable to explore which schools have a good reputation within geography. Also, make sure that they offer the branch of geography, which you are most interested in. If, after your primary studies you feel that you would like to continue to build a deeper knowledge in the field, and perhaps even conduct research, this option is also wide open.

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