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History is a very widely applicable degree. However, few who have studied within the field end up with jobs directly applicable to the field of study. Although teaching and research would be direct paths, very popular careers are also found within everything from law and business to communication.

History Degree Careers

Common career paths for history graduates with a Bachelor's degree lie within teaching, research or communication. Many also find employment in the role of information manager, advocate, or even within business and finance. It is the skills, which a student develops through their studies that are considered to give a very good base from which to move on to such a wide variety of careers. A history degree furthers the following capabilities:

  • To absorb and manage a good deal of information.
  • To order and analyse information.
  • To reason with clarity and cogency.
  • To use evidence in order to refine judgment.
  • To prepare and argument.
  • The ability to clearly and persuasively express an argument.

Due to these capacities, a history degree is commonly regarded as a good foundation for further study within, for instance business or law.

Studying History

Most schools throughout the world offer the possibility of studying history. History is often offered as a degree or as a major, depending on the system within which the studies are conducted. In the UK for example, history degrees are the norm, whereas the American system would mean majoring within the field.

There are many different branches of history, which a student can focus on: modern history, ancient history and art history to name a few. Depending on the degree and institution it is possible to focus in one area or study a wider variety within the field. Further study in the form of master's degrees and doctoral research is also widely available at many schools.

When choosing institution, make sure they have the particular courses you are most interested in. It is also a good idea to check the location to see that it is a setting that feels comfortable, in a place you wish to live and an atmosphere that suits your preferred lifestyle. The availability of part time work and grade requirements are further issues, which are good to keep in mind when making the choice.