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For many years, mathematics had a rather bad reputation of being very "grey" and dull. Today, mathematics has been spiced up, not just by such depictions as that given in "A Beautiful Mind" and "Good Will Hunting", but also by the ever growing possibilities of combined degrees and a wide variety of career possibilities.

Studying Mathematics

Mathematics is no longer defined by arithmetic and geometry. Today mathematics is as diverse as to deal with data, measurements, and observations from science. It uses inference, deduction and proof to create mathematical models of natural phenomena, society and human behavior. Mathematics degrees are offered at most institutions of higher education around the world. Many institutions also offer the possibility of joint degrees with sciences, finance or statistics, widening the career opportunities further.

Careers in Mathematics

Many associate a mathematics degree with the teaching profession. And although teaching is a popular career, and one with a very high demand for new capable teachers, it is far from the only alternative open to mathematics graduates. Today, holders of a mathematics degree are highly valued by employers in many fields. Some popular areas where mathematicians often find employment are: computer science, finance, drug research and development, design and cryptology to name but a few. All these areas make use of the mathematician's ability to calculate hypothetical situations, probabilities, see and analyse patterns, durability of materials and so on.

So you see, a degree in mathematics is not as dull as it may be made out to be. If you have a head for figures, and find any of the above mentioned careers attractive, it may be worth considering. It is also worth mentioning, that a degree in mathematics is highly regarded by potential emlpoyers, even outside the areas mentioned here.

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