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The stunning Milan has much to offer students traveling to Italy to study. Milan’s 1.3 million people make up part of Europe’s Blue Banana, a highly populated strip of land stretching from Milan to Northwest England. Milan is one of Europe’s industrial and transportation hubs as well as an important center for business and finance, providing a dynamic environment for students.

Studying in Milan

Education plays a prominent part in the society of Milan. 39 universities call Milan home, drawing 174,000 students each year – this is 10% of the entire Italian university population! Milan also boasts the most university graduates and postgraduate students in Italy, providing an innovative educational atmosphere for students to study in Milan.

Today, Milan extends well beyond its city borders into sprawling suburbs, where people flocked during the economic boom of the 1950s and 60s. Although Milan itself is only 1.3 million people, the entire metropolitan area makes up about 7.4 million. Recently, Milan has seen a rise in international residents, making the city even more global in stature and influence, and an ideal location for students from all over the world to study in Milan.

    A Quick Bit of History

    Because of its location in the heart of central Europe, Milan has been ruled and over-ruled countless times throughout history. Milan was first founded by a Celtic tribe called the Insubres. The settlement was later captured by the Romans in 222 BC and was the capital of the Western Roman Empire for some time. In the High Middle Ages, Milan was one of the wealthiest cities in Italy.

    In 1796, Milan was conquered by Napoleon I and his French army. After this, Milan became part of the Austrian Empire, and finally was unified with the Kingdom of Sardinia which eventually became the country of Italy.

    Milan Today

    Today, Milan is the capital of the Lombardy region and the Milan province. Milan is best known for being a world fashion and design capital, and is a true global influence in this field. Most major fashion brands – Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani – are currently headquartered in Milan. Milan hosts the Milan Fashion Week twice every year. There is also a high-quality furniture industry in Milan, encouraged by the city’s hosting of the FieraMilano (the world’s most prestigious furniture fair) and the Milan Furniture Fair. Students interested studying in fashion and design courses in Milan will find a wealth of opportunities.

    There are indeed a variety of options for students who want to study in Milan, including:

    Milan is known for its international arts and music scenes with many notable museums, theaters, and monuments. Milan’s La Scala opera house is one of the best known theaters of music in the world, and a major attraction. Another infamous landmark in the heart of Milan is the Duomo cathedral. Built in the late 1300s, the Duomo is an excellent example of the impressive late Gothic architecture in Italy. The beautiful private palace, the Palazzo Marino, has impressed people since its construction in the 1500s. And the Castello, an old fortress and palace, is also one of Milan’s most esteemed attractions.


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