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Pharmacy Degrees

The study of Pharmacy is basically the study of both health and chemical sciences in order to certify the safety and efficiency of pharmaceutical drugs. This involves an education in compounding and dispensing medications as well as the study of clinical services and providing drug information to patients. Pharmacists are experts on drug therapy. Therefore, those looking to practice pharmacy require an intense, structured education as a foundation for their future careers.

UniCamillus, the new private University in Rome, offers degrees in Physiotherapy, Nursing, Obstetrics, and more health fields.

Courses have been designed entirely in English and allow students, already from the first year, to undertake internships in prestigious Roman hospitals, polyclinics and research centres.

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Pharmacy Assistant
International Career Institute
Diploma program
Online / distance learning
The Pharmacy Assistant Distance Learning Course by ICI has been designed in partnership with qualified healthcare professionals and pharmacists, and...
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy
Master's degree
Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
The Charles University Masters degree course in Pharmacy is a five year program consisting of compulsory and elective study modules,...
Bachelor in Pharmacy
University CEU Cardenal Herrera
Bachelor's degree
Valencia, Spain
The degree in Pharmacy has been established for more than 40 years. For the past five years, CEU students have...
Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy
European University Madrid
Bachelor's degree
Madrid, Spain
Universidad Europea de Madrid’s Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy fully responds to the professional needs of today’s pharmaceutical sector and offers...
Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
University of Debrecen
Master's degree
Debrecen, Hungary
The Pharm.D. program includes, amongst others, the following pharmacy courses: Pharmaceutical Biology General Chemistry (Theory & Practice) Pharmaceutical Botany Pharmaceutical...
Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy
CEU San Pablo University
Bachelor's degree
Madrid, Spain
Offered in English or Spanish, this unique Pharmacy degree from CEU San Pablo University explores one of the oldest types...
Bachelor of Pharmacy
University of South Australia
Bachelor's degree
Adelaide, Australia
Pharmacy as a profession is concerned with providing primary health care; promoting the quality use of medicines by consumers; providing...
MSc in Clinical Pharmacology (MEDSCI)
University of Glasgow
Master's degree
Glasgow, Scotland
This clinical pharmacology program at the University of Glasgow integrates basic and clinical sciences and leads to an MSc (Med...
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sun Yat-sen University
Bachelor's degree
Guangzhou, China
Sun Yat–sen University integrates chemistry, biology and medicine to create a unique curriculum for the pharmaceutical sciences program. This program consists of...
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Charles Darwin University
Bachelor's degree
Darwin, Australia
The Bachelor of Pharmacy at Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia is an education programme designed to meet the demands...
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science
University of South Australia
Bachelor's degree
Adelaide, Australia
The scientific disciplines that underpin the discovery, development, formulation, approval, evaluation, marketing and use of medicines form the basis of...
Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Engineering
Shandong Normal University
Bachelor's degree
Shandong, China
Through this bachelor-level program from Shandong Normal University, students will develop basic knowledge and practical skills in the field of...
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Bachelor's degree
Brisbane, Australia
The Bachelor of Pharmacy at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia is an education course in the important...
Master of Pharmacy
University of Canberra
Master's degree
Canberra, Australia
The Master of Pharmacy at the University of Canberra in Australia is an intensive education programme in pharmacy catering to...
Pharmacy Technician
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
Diploma program
Toronto, Canada
The Pharmacy Technician Diploma at Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning in Toronto, Canada is a comprehensive education...
Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation MSc.
University of Groningen
Master's degree
Groningen, Netherlands
This two-year MSc in Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands offers excellent preparation...
Specialised Master in Biopharmaceutical Management
ESCP Europe
Master's degree
Paris, France
Online application TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS scores Personal interview if eligible...
BSc Pharmacology
The University of Edinburgh
Bachelor's degree
Edinburgh, Scotland
Pharmacology is the study of how drugs produce effects on the body to treat disorders or change bodily functions. It...
MSci Pharmaceutical Science
University of South Wales
Master's degree
Glyntaff, Wales
This new course allows you to combine bachelors and masters study all through one integrated package that is designed to...
BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Science
University of South Wales
Bachelor's degree
Glyntaff, Wales
Do you want to gain real, hands-on experience of what it takes to work in pharmaceutical science? This highly practical...
MSc Pharmacology
Glasgow Caledonian University
Master's degree
Glasgow, Scotland
Pharmacology MSc explores the science that studies the mechanism of action, clinical uses, side effects and the fate of drugs...
University of Dundee
Bachelor's degree
Dundee, Scotland
Pharmacology is the study of how drugs affect body functions in health and disease. It plays a vital role in...
Online Master in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics
Barcelona School of Management - Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Master's degree
Online / distance learning
Entirely taught in English, the Online Master in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics at UPF Barcelona School of Management is official...
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Pharmacy medicine

Pharmacy education careerThe word Pharmacy comes from the Greek work Pharmakon, which means “drug” or “medicine.” Pharmacy studies began in pre-history with the use of medicinal plants. The field has come a long way. Today pharmacy includes clinical services; providing drug information; and reviewing, compounding, and dispensing medication.

The education of a pharmacist usually takes four years to complete, depending on the degree being attained. Courses are designed to teach students all aspects of drug therapy in addition to patient care and communication with both patients and healthcare providers. Other education focuses include professional ethics, business management, and concepts of public health. Students of pharmacy not only study within the classroom, but also gain real-world experience working alongside licensed pharmacists in various settings.

The field of pharmacy can be divided into three main disciplines:

  • Pharmaceutics, the process of creating a safe, effective medication from a chemical entity;
  • Medicinal chemistry, the development of pharmaceutical drugs through chemistry and pharmacology; and
  • Pharmacy practice, the development of pharmacists’ professional roles.

At the end of a student’s education in pharmacy, they must pass a series of examinations in order to earn their professional license and be able to practice.

Students of pharmacy education learn how to dispense medications and also advise on their use to both medical staff and patients. Courses cover planning, monitoring, and evaluating the programs on which patients are receiving treatment. Some specialties of pharmacy work include geriatric pharmacy, psychiatric pharmacy, and nutrition support.

Educational Courses in Pharmacy

A Bachelor’s degree is required to practice as a Pharmacist. Most pharmacy courses begin with the study of basic sciences such as biology in the first couple years. Once this foundation is created, education courses move on to several areas of focus:

  • Pharmaceutical chemistry: the study of chemicals prepared and used as medicines, testing such aspects as the purity and strength of a substance;
  • Pharmacology: understanding the effects different drugs have on the body, and how to take the most advantage of these effects;Pharmacy practice: a study of the processes that take place within a pharmacy, emphasizing the balance between science and technology. This application includes work in the laboratory, and highlights instilling a patient-oriented outlook in students; and
  • Clinical aspect: courses in the communication which students will have with their patients and awareness of their responsibility to monitor the drugs they will dispense.

Some pharmacists go on to own or manage their community’s pharmacy. This position entails hiring personnel and handling business matters, which is why many pharmacy curriculums include the study of business, including economics, accounting, and marketing. Management may also be valuable within this profession as many pharmacists have technicians assisting them in dispensing medication and must supervise their work.

Engineering Pharmacy Courses

Studying pharmacy with a focus on Engineering is a popular study abroad option, and there are a number of education programs available for interested students. Study within this course involves a more scientific exploration of pharmaceuticals, including innovative drug formulation and development.

Clinical Pharmacy Courses 

The study of Clinical courses within pharmacy is an education focused on clinical work in a pharmacy. Programs often start with the study of basic sciences such as biology and chemistry followed by core clinical courses on biostatistics, internal medicine, and the basics of diagnosis.

There are a variety of study options available within the field of pharmacy:

Diploma in Pharmacy

Bachelor degree in Pharmacy

Master’s degree in Pharmacy

Doctorate/PhD in Pharmacy

Career in Pharmacy

The field of Pharmacy offers many excellent job opportunities, but the hours are often different from the routine office job, with many pharmacists working nights, weekends and holidays. They are often on their feet for most of the day, and work in clean, well-lit areas. The role pharmacists play in counseling patients and planning drug therapy programs is also growing as the dispensing of medications increases. Mail-order pharmacies are also becoming more common in certain countries, such as in the United States, making the process more efficient. Drugstores, grocery stores, and hospitals will have more and more pharmacists as well, creating a positive outlook for those who are job searching in the field of pharmacy.