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Real estate and property development is available at a growing number of schools, especially in the United States but is also widely available in for example Australia. These programs attract students from different backgrounds often related to the industry. Students interested in Real Estate and Property Management often have a previous degree in areas such as law, city planning, architecture, construction management or engineering to name just a few. Since most programs focusing on real estate and property management are offered at the master degree level, a previous bachelor degree is generally necessary for admission.

Education in Real Estate and Property

The area of property and real estate has become ever more popular for its potential to earn large sums of money, but is also found to be a very stimulating area of business due to the variety it offers. Many enter into the discipline without any specialist education in the field. It is not uncommon to happen upon the area by chance - usually from related career disciplines such as architecture, investment, business or property law.

As with all business areas with a potential for great earnings, real estate and property development is also an area with a high level of potential risk. This is why many have realized that a more in-depth understanding and preparation for a career in the field may be helpful - not least in order to manage risk. Degrees are offered as a variety of specialist MBAs or Master degrees but all include similar course content.

Degrees in the area of Real Estate and Property Management may contain courses such as:

  • Risk management
  • Economics
  • Property/ Real Estate law
  • Property valuation and analysis
  • Development and management of property
  • Market Research

Courses naturally vary with the direction of your particular degree.

Careers in Real Estate and Property

Careers in the field of Real Estate and Property Management vary widely. Depending on what you choose to focus on you can work in areas such as valuation, management of large commercial property portfolios or developing a career in financial institutions. You can work with property analysis, property finance, property management or property development to name just a few. Some schools also offer you the possibility to include research oriented courses in your education in order to open up the possibility to move onto a PhD degree or similar research degree.