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Wellbeing and Health Degrees

Wellbeing and Health Degrees

Feeling good, having more energy, and handling every day stress is necessary in order to deal with today's ever-quickening tempo. This makes wellbeing and health an increasingly important topic. If you are interested in a future career within wellbeing and health, there are lots of different educational options to choose from. We have made them easier to find and easier to compare regardless of whether you are looking for a complete university degree or a shorter course.

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Health therapist, dietitian, and sports pedagogue are all careers within wellbeing, health and massage. Their main function means preventing injuries and helping people live a more health conscious life through fitness training, diet and different treatment methods as tools.

The health therapist instructs, inspires and motivates private citizens in both mental and physical training. The dietician places a greater focus on advice surrounding diet and health. In the role of sports pedagogue you are a strategic competence developing organizations within fitness and health. Your main focus is in the promotion of health and health maintenance. A further area within wellbeing, health and massage is the massage therapist. Masseur is a physically demanding job, where you with help of your hands as your main tool, ease your clients' tensions.

To educate yourself in the areas of wellbeing, massage and health gives you a very broad knowledgebase. Many of the career options are relatively new, which also has an impact on the educations offered. Most schools place a lot of importance on preventive work, and focus on how to make your life more healthy through training, diet and mental focus.

Health therapy at college and university

Both colleges and universities offer courses and degrees within the area of health and wellbeing. In many cases this is a degree in health science, or diet often in combination with a more conventional area of study such as education or economics. Diet economists, work therapists, health consultants and health coaches are all careers requiring a bachelor's degree or master's degree, with three to five years of study.

Studying abroad

There are lots of opportunities to complete your studies in health, wellbeing and massage abroad. Especially diet and nutrition an internationally accepted subject available at many universities around the world. Health science is also widely available. When considering stuying abroad, you have the choice of going through an agent in your home country who is in contact with your particular school. Otherwise, you are free to contact the schools in person, who will then give you the information you need.

Vocational training

Vocational training is common in the area of health, massage and wellbeing. Courses can last anything from a few weeks to several semesters. They are usually geered toward those interested in dietary counseling, health therapy, energy therapy, coaching, alternative medicine etc. These courses are generally easy to complement as you gain further experience.

Where do I apply?

Application procedures differ depending on where you are applying to. In many countries applications to university or college courses are conducted through a centralized agency such as UCAS in the UK. Otherwise applications are sent directly to the school in question. For application forms, and dates contact the institution you wish to apply to. In the case of vocational and other training provided by non-university institutions, other application process may apply. Here too, contact the school directly for more information, as application deadlines and course start dates may not coincide with those of universities.