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Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE

Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE

Comillas Pontifical University is a Catholic University that has been operating for over a century by the society of Jesus; a private institution that manages various universities around the world. The university's mission is based on a combination of the educational experience built up over their vast history and continuous evolution in response to social change. 

They believe that good communication between universities and society is essential, which is why Comillas has always worked in close collaboration with business-related, social and professional organizations. 

The programs offered at Comillas Pontificial University are founded on academic rigor, individual student support combined with comprehensive training and an elevated level of social awareness, excellent preparation for professional activity, internationalization and an idea of research based on innovation and social impact.

Studying at Comillas Pontificial University

Comillas is one of the leading Spanish universities in terms of Erasmus exchange students and is associated with prestigious international university networks. The educational standards are recognized due to their constant adaptation to the needs of society and high standards in the quality of the study plans as well as the teaching methods and techniques. The students at the university are set apart by their preparation and ability, with an academic performance that is above average. 

Students that study at Comillas's often find themselves immediately inserted into the job market. The work experience that students gain and the help of the Employment Office at the university help them with their professional development and career goals. 


Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE

C/ Alberto Aguilera 23. CP
28015 Madrid

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