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Online Course in Olive Oil

E-learning University of Athens
7 weeks
Full time
Diploma / Certificate
Online / distance program

Program description

Study an online course in olive oil

Old as humans, sacred as ancient rites, so valuable that they were considered gods' gifts to humankind, the olive tree and olive oil appeared in the Mediterranean Basin and became dominant and permanent fixtures of its landscape. This programme delves into the history and culture of the olive tree and olive oil and emphasises their nutritional value and concerns those students with a particular interest in the above mentioned. 

The main purpose of the programme is to get the student in contact with the olives and olive oil, to be able to recognize the importance and the benefits in their daily lives.

This program explores:

  • The route of the olive and olive oil through the ages and  their importance in everyday life of ancient and modern Greeks with respect to nutrition, health, art, culture, tradition and religion.
  • The varieties of olives grown in Greece, and  the characteristics of the olives.
  • The various types of olive oil marketed (virgin, extra virgin, refined, olive oil PDO, organic, etc.) depending on the composition and quality characteristics
  • The production of high quality oil and  the main types of mills
  • The characteristics of the Mediterranean diet and the role of oil in this
  • The benefits of olive oil in the daily diet and its contribution to health


Cultural history olives - olive oil

  • Origin of the olive tree  and its significance in antiquity
  • Olive in latter years and uses of olive oil
  • Elia - Olive oil, religion and art


Olive and olive oil

  • The olive tree
  • Olive oil


The nutritional value of olives and olive oil-Olive oil and health

  • Olives and olive oil
  • Mediterranean diet, Olive oil and health

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