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EF Efekta Professional - Combined virtual and face-to-face English language training

EF - Education First
6 months
Full time/part time
Language course
Blended Face-to-Face & Online Learning - Enquire for more information

Program description

EF Efekta Professional - Combined virtual and face-to-face English language training

EF Efekta Professional - Blended online and face-to-face English language training - Corporate Solutions

The EF Efekta Professional English language training provides a structured and effective approach to learning English for your industry. Designed to help professionals develop their English skills flexibly and quickly, this intensive English language programme combines flexible online self-study with face-to-face lessons.

Divided into two core parts, the EF program is among the world's most advanced cloud-based language learning programs. With over 2,000 hours of engaging and task-based online content, personalised sessions with a tutor and the possibility to incorporate industry-specific jargon into the course, the EF Method™ has been designed to accommodate each learner's unique style, needs and professional goals.

Professionals enroled in this course have the freedom of flexible study and ca complete the course in just 6 months or over several years.

Program Content

Every professional learns language differently. EF's Efekta Professional English Language course combines flexible and customisable online self-study with in-person study sessions with an EF tutor.

The self-study portion of the course is designed to provide you with the flexibility that busy professionals need - it includes over 2,000 hours of written exercises, grammar practice and advanced speech recognition exercises that you can access anytime and from anywhere. Together with in-person lessons, the Efekta Professional program lets you develop your English skills in a way that suits you and your professional need.

Your Industry, Your Language

Business English differs between sectors. EF English courses allow professionals to learn English within a relevant context, tailored to their industry. This course can be tailored to any of the following fields:

  • Aviation
  • Military
  • Police and Immigration
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • IT
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Insurance
  • Legal English
  • Logistics
  • Maritime
  • Pharmaceutical
  • English for the sciences
  • Banking and Finance
  • Project Management
  • Society and Leisure
  • Telecom
  • Travel

Admission requirements

The EF Efekta Professional English language course is suitable for professionals seeking to develop their English skills in a flexible and relevant format. The course combines online self-study learning with face-to-face sessions with an EF tutor, providing a highly customizable learning experience.

This program is scalable and is an excellent training tool for teams and organizations seeking to develop the English language skills of groups of employees.

About school

EF - Education First

Learning through technology, training, & design, Education First (EF)

Combining technology, training, and design, EF's highly customized language training programs focus on dialogue and immersion to provide dynamic, online self-study. Courses are tailored to students' needs and intensive study abroad programs are also available. EF language learning solutions fast-track your language...

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EF - Education First

Haldenstrasse 4
6006 Lucerne

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