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Welcome to Università Bocconi - a leading international Business and Economics university

international studentstitle="groupUniversità Bocconi is one of Europe’s leading universities within the educational fields of Economics and Business. Their modern campus is situated in central Milano, Italy’s center for business, trade and fashion.

Bucconi is a private, state granted institution, and was established in 1992. In comparison to other Italian schools, Bocconi has a very prominent international profile. Università Bocconi offers an array of undergraduate and graduate educations, in Italian and English, with an international faculty. 

Universit Bocconi has an exchange agreement with more than 190 leading universities all over the world. Having many international students on the school creates a great mixture of cultures and ideas, which stimulates personal development.

By offering many international internships or exchanges, Università Bocconi gives students the opportunity to experience living in another country as a part of their education. Bocconi graduates can also take a great professional network with them after finishing their education, with business contacts from companies all over the world.

Università Bocconi has a strong commitment to offering scholarships to talented international students that have dedicated themselves to their academic education. The Bocconi International Merit Awards – scholarships are awarded to students that have achieved outstanding academic results and personal merits. Further, Bocconi offers scholarships according to the students’ financial situation.

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Università Bocconi

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Reviews by students

nesibu yasin   |   9/7/2011
I am lucky if I will join this beloved course and University.I am also deeply initiated to study this.