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University of Kaposvar

The University of Kaposvar is one of the largest universities in the South Transdanubian region of Hungary. Founded on January 1, 2000, it is also one of the youngest universities in Hungary, and was been created as the integration of two educational faculties and two research institutes. The mission of this educational institution is to continually improve itself in response to the world's changing technological, scientific, and economic life, while encouraging innovation in education.

The University of Kaposvar is a university with four faculties: Animal Science, Economic Science, Pedagogy and Arts. In addition, there are also 2 faculty-level institutes: the Feed Crops Research Institute in Iregszemcse and the new Health Sciences Center where scientific work is supported by the most modern equipment.

The campus of the University of Kaposvar is one of the most beautiful in the region with a higher education focused on service and lifelong learning. The school prides itself on providing the best possible circumstances for its students' and staffs' studies and work. The library is to the highest standard; the IT-infrastructure provides all the resources necessary for individual study. There are high-standard laboratories and research facilities available for students specializing in empirical studies, with friendly atmospheres and a knowledgeable teaching staff.

The education curriculums of each program at University of Kaposvar enhance the skills, abilities, and practical expertise of its students. Emphasis is placed on improving overall skills and knowledge through a balance of theoretical and practical training. Students benefit from a high degree of cooperation between different departments and faculties, and the instant and relevant application of new and useful professional knowledge.

University of Kaposvar can not only accommodate the requirements of the labour market, but can also influence its needs and trends by exposing students to the most competitive and cutting-edge training. The school maintains intensive work relationships with the business world, as well as institutions of education, culture, communications, and art through organising events such as researches, workshops, professional practices, and conferences.

Students enrolled at the University of Kaposvar are offered a lively and active campus to enjoy their studies in a wide variety of subjects, and to pursue their interests in culture, education, and sport.

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University of Kaposvar

Guba Sándor u. 40
7400 Kaposvar

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