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University of New Brunswick offers a university environment with a window on two dynamic cities - Fredericton and Saint John. Having two campuses allows the flexibility of place and field of study.

The University of New Brunswick Saint John is more than just an institute of higher learning. It’s a genesis, a beginning to your future where you’ll learn how to succeed and how to overcome. It’s a nest, a place where you will be nurtured and stimulated, both mentally and socially as you become part of a family. And it’s a community, where like-minded individuals work together to attain common goals, growing together intellectually, socially, and culturally. There’s no doubt about it, UNB Saint John is more than a place of learning, it’s an experience, your experience and we can’t wait to share it with you. But before we begin, there are a few things that we want you to know about us. Some things you might not think to ask but that we feel are very important.
  • UNB Saint John is an institution that fosters innovation. They don’t stand still because the world constantly changes and they don’t want you to be left behind. UNB develop innovative programmes (like Canada’s first business major in Electronic Commerce), and conduct leading edge research in all faculties.
  • UNB Saint John is an intimate environment. They are a small, friendly campus with approximately 2,000 full-time students. UNB Saint John enjoys a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere that enables students and professors to get to know one another. The small campus also makes getting to your classes that much easier. You’re never more than three or four minutes away from your next class, and that’s if you take the long way around through the campus tunnel system (a great advantage on those cold or rainy days).
  • UNB Saint John is interactive. Because it's a small campus, it is easy to interact and learn from your classmates and professors, both in and out of class. Instead of listening to your professor lecture for hours and hours, you will be asked to actively participate in class discussions. And, because you’ll know most of your classmates, getting help and forming study groups is easy outside of the formal class environment. UNB is also proud of the way they interact with the community. They constantly ask local businesses for their input on teaching material, we send our students into the local workforce to learn through co-op and internship opportunities, they have the Saint John String Quartet as our Musicians in Residence, and they often host high-profile lecturers, and numerous competitions.
  • Finally, UNB Saint John is international. The university attracts students from over 70 countries, each of them bringing a different perspective. You’ll have the chance to meet and work with these individuals and the opportunity to learn about differences in cultures, languages, and societies through group work and events held on campus (like our International Potluck, Chinese New Year, and Latin nights). The Student Abroad Programme allows students to participate in internships and field courses from all around the world.


University of New Brunswick (Saint John)

100 Tucker Park Road
E2L 4L5 Saint John, NB

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