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Master in Journalism and Social Communication

University of Wroclaw
Length: 4 semesters
Education level: Master's degree
Location: Wroclaw
Price: 3,000 EUR

Program Description


The masters in journalism and social communication curriculum is designed to help students develop competences necessary in both these professions. It is comprised of classes and workshops that will allow graduates to achieve competencies and skills in the area of broadly defined professional public communication.

The skills developed through the program enables graduates to pursue careers as: 

  • Journalists in all kinds and all ranges of media (print media, radio, television, the Internet; local and sub-local media, countrywide and global media; general as well as trade and expert media)
  • Public Relations, branding, advertising communication, Corporate Identity, etc
  • Editors/editorial assistants in the above mentioned types of media; journalists specializing in a given category of topic-specific journalism (investigative, sports, economic, etc.)
  • Radio and TV presenters and producers (work with a camera and microphone); spokespeople and counselors/coaches in the field of communication; coaches and counselors in the field of intercultural communication (in organizations, public institutions, & NGOs)
  • Counselors in the field of creating public people's image; employees of advertising and PR agencies.

Graduates will also be prepared to operate in the market independently by organizing a media institution or founding an advertising or PR agency.

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University of Wroclaw

University of Wroclaw

The University of Wroclaw (UWr) has a rich history of more than three centuries. Founded by Leopold I Habsburg, it evolved from a modest school run by the Jesuits into one of the biggest academic institutions in Poland. After World...

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Location & accommodation

city of Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland

The city of Wroclaw is an economic, intellectual, and cultural center in the Lower Silesia region of Poland. As Poland's 4th largest city, it is home to many theatres, clubs, museums, galleries, parks, restaurants, and hotels, and hosts a number of renowned music festivals. During World War II, Wroclaw was largely destroyed, but today has been restored to one of Poland's crown jewels and has an abundance...

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University of Wroclaw

Pl. Uniwersytecki
50137 Wroclaw