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Whilst Danes are descended from Vikings, a formidable seafaring people who once ravaged Europe, modern-day Denmark is internationally considered the pinnacle of a civilized society – its politics are progressive, its economy developed, and its people cheerful exponents of the concept of hygge (‘coziness’). Here, old-world Nordic charm meets an avowedly forward-looking society – the nation regularly places on lists of most livable, safest and happiest places on earth thanks to its high quality of life, per capita incomes and advanced education, health care and civil liberties. Undertaking an education in Denmark places you right in the center of this socially developed utopia.

Danish landscapes may not possess the stop-you- in-your- tracks natural grandeur of a Norwegian fjord, but the country’s grassy panoramas have the same understated, unpretentious beauty that can be felt in everything from the Danes’ architecture, to their fashion, to their outlook on life. The people value modesty, moderation and have a distaste for flagrant personal wealth, reflected in their willingness to buy into a comprehensive welfare state. Everyone is welcome and everyone is catered to, perhaps accounting for the 18,000 international students enjoying the spoils of a society predicated on hygge. This spirit of inclusivity and egalitarianism, along with low tuition fees and high-quality programs, make an education in Denmark an attractive prospect for EU and non-EU students alike.

Denmark - The Facts & Figures







Area Size

43,094 km²


215,000 (24,000 international)

Academic Year

September - July


Danish krone (DKK)

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More About Denmark

Denmark operates within the Nordic model, which combines free market capitalism with generous social welfare programs. The country’s communal, egalitarian worldview keeps social mobility high, minimum wage at $18 per hour and only a tiny percentage of residences under the poverty line. It is safe to say that Denmark gets it right – it is one of the most modern, innovative and advanced societies in the world and is, unsurprisingly, frequently cited as being one of the happiest.

This bold spirit of innovation can equally be felt in the education system. Danish universities promote personal initiative and problem-based learning, combining traditional lectures with industrial placements that allow for the practical application of studies and prepare students to meet the needs of the global labor market. After their education in Denmark, students are set loose in a market rife with opportunity, especially in the science and technology industries, all of which begs the question – where better to study than this innovation-driven environment within an education system of high international quality?

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