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With green mountains just around the corner, and snow-capped glaciers in the next, Iceland’s unique geological makeup has transformed the country into a popular destination for millions of people from across the globe. This, coupled with an active and exciting student life, has also made an education in Iceland a highly coveted academic opportunity for those who wish to study abroad.

The Icelandic education system is well-known for its progressiveness. Those who pursue an education in Iceland will discover that the entire structure openly advocates an equal opportunity for all, regardless of one’s background.

Currently, there are around 18,000 students enrolled in the higher education sector, of which about 5% are from other countries. Universities often host “International Days”, where international students are given the opportunity to show off their country’s culture to the native Icelanders.

Read on to learn more about other benefits of pursuing an education in Iceland.

Iceland - Facts & Figures






334 252

Area Size

103,000 km²


18,000 (1,000 international)

Academic Year

September - May


Icelandic króna (ISK)

Calling Code


Time Zone


More about Iceland

Located in the junction between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, “The Land of Ice and Fire” is a geological marvel, where green mountains, active volcanoes and gigantic glaciers seamlessly co-exist within the same environment.

Aside from the stunning natural landscapes, another benefit of taking up an education in Iceland is that students will get to live in one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality of life. Iceland consistently ranks high in economic, political and social stability and equality, and is currently placed first on the Global Peace Index.

Iceland has historically placed a huge emphasis on the quality of education, boasting a literacy rate of 99 percent, making it the third most literate nation in the world, behind only Finland and Norway.

Students pursuing an education in Iceland will also fall for the Icelanders’ deep sense of community and togetherness, which is a by-product of the country’s small population and relatively isolated environment.

The study guide sections below offer a more in-depth look on what to expect when undertaking an education in Iceland.

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Last update: 13 Mar 2018