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Study in Luxembourg

Study in Luxembourg

Belgium, Germany, France.. and somewhere in the middle there you will find the small but beautiful country of Luxembourg, or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg which is actually the official name.  The country holds not more than half a million people on its 2.586 square kilometers, but in spite of its small size Luxembourg has much to offer and is by many considered a stue European melting pot.

Study abroad in Luxembourg

The country is for example a founding member of the European Union, United Nations and the Western European Union. Luxembourgish is considered the national language of Luxembourg, however the official languages are German and French. Many luxembourgers also speak English as it is included in the compulsory schooling.

Higher Education in Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is the university offering higher education in Luxembourg. The university has three faculties: Sciences/technology and communication, Law/economics and finance, and Arts/humanities and education sciences. The academicv year stretches from October to July and classes are taught in French and German. The university awards bachelor and master degrees within these areas.luxembourg_1

Study Abroad in Luxembourg

For you as an international student to be able to come and study in Luxembourg your secondary school certificate will have to be recognized by the Ministère de l'Education nationale. If you are non-European you will also require a visa to stay in the country for the time of your studies. You of course also will need to speak and understand French and German perfectrly to keep up with classes at the university.

If you want to continue studies of higher eduication from another country in Luxembourg this is usually not a problem. In general, degrees and certificates awarded  in other countries are recognized in Luxembourg too.

Luxembourgish culture

Do to its small size Luxembourg is often overshadowed by its larger neighrbours. because of this many people have never heard of the National Museum of History and Art, the newly opened Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Arts and the National Museum of Military History shich are all filled with cultural heritage from past times of Europe. In fact, the City of Luxembourg itself is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the country was also the first to be maned "European Capital of Culture" twice.

luxembourg_21Food and Wines of Luxembourg

The food culture of Luxemburg is highly influenced by the surrounding countries of France and Gremany and has brought Luxembourg several Michellin stars. The country is best known for its delicatessens, such as cured ham, sausages and pates, all made from the finest meat. Much of the cattle is ecologically raised on the fields and meadows of Luxembourg.

Due to its location it is not surprising that Luxembourg has a developed wine-growing culture as well. The wines of the Moselle area in Luxembourg are known for their delicate freshness and finesse and many of the private wineyards allow visitors to have a look at the process of making wine as well as testing their own produce. There is also a few wine museums that would be well worth a visit if you are interested in the history of Luxembourgish wine-making and wines in general.  

Find your education in Luxembourg

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Last update: 02 Oct 2018

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