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Language in Amsterdam

Education in Amsterdam - Language

As with a lot of European countries, a majority of people in the Netherlands speak English, having learned it in school from a young age. So, to study and live in Amsterdam, you do not need to be speak Dutch. However, to fully immerse yourself in the culture and the people, even a basic knowledge of Dutch will help you integrate and gain a more authentic experience.

Because of their fluency in English, you may find that people in Amsterdam may switch to English once they hear a foreign accent. However, persevere and practice! And if they keep talking in English, ask them to switch back to Dutch. The more you talk, the easier it'll become.

A lot of the schools in Amsterdam with a strong international focus will offer some form of Dutch classes to help foreign students gain a fluency in the language. Check with your schools international department to see what opportunities there are, or click the link below for a list of other organizations that offer Dutch classes.

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