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Living Costs in Amsterdam

Finding Accommodation in Amsterdam

Being an exciting city to live in, housing and accommodation in Amsterdam is highly sought after so it's recommended that you start looking for your new home as soon as possible. 

  • University accommodation - Some universities will have access to rooms for international students. Check with your school's international department to see what options might be available. Spaces are limited so get your application in ASAP!
  • Student housing corporations - These non-profit corporations specialize in finding housing for students. Some websites are:
  • Other websites - A bunch of useful sites to help you find short- or long-term housing while you undertake education in Amsterdam. Please be aware of scammers! 

The Cost of Living

On average, the monthly cost of living in Amsterdam is around €1,000-€1,500. This will include rent, insurance, groceries and public transport.


Everyone living in the Netherlands is recommended to have some form of health insurance, otherwise they risk getting fined. Typically, international student can keep insurance from their home country as long as it covers them being abroad. A European Health Insurance Card (for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens) is also accepted. However, if you plan on working while studying or undertaking an internship that results in more than €150 a month or €1500 a year, you will be required to take out Dutch health insurance, regardless of if you’re covered elsewhere or not.


Going to the doctor can be a stressful prospect, but healthcare in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam is among the best in the world. People have access to doctors and hospitals, and physicians are continually educated to remain at the forefront of the field. Unless it's an emergency, people in the Netherlands can choose their own doctor who will refer you to a specialist if need be. 

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Last update: 21 Jun 2018