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Tuition Fees in Amsterdam

Education in Amsterdam - Student Life

How much does it cost to study in Amsterdam? That depends on where you're from and which university you'll be attending. 

Students from the EU/EEA, Switzerland and Suriname who are pursuing their first degree in the Netherlands pay the same tuition fees as Dutch students. Each year, the Dutch government determines these statutory university fees. These fees can be higher for some programs, so it's a great idea to check with your prospective university for costs.

If you're not from the areas listed above or if you're not enrolling in your second Bachelor's or Master's program, then you'll need to pay the institution's tuition fee which varies across programs. Again, it's recommended to check university websites.

Learn about the average tuition fees for international students in Amsterdam!

Scholarships for studying in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a welcoming city to international students and several universities even provide scholarships specifically targeted at non-EU/EEA students. Scholarships from universities in Amsterdam can be merit-based of specific to a field or demographic of students.

When hunting for scholarships to study in Amsterdam, you'll need to keep a close eye on application deadlines because some are early and require many documents to apply. 

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Last update: 25 Jan 2018