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Russia is the biggest country in the world, with a territory covering more than 17 million square kilometers, spanning from the chilly plains of Europe to the humid landscapes of Asia. With its tremendous size comes a wide collection of inhabitants, as the country is home to around 200 ethnic groups which speak an estimated 100 languages in total. As a result, Russia is an extraordinarily diverse country, filled to the brim with varying traditions and cultures.

Education in Russia is most renowned for its achievements within the fields of science and research at the post-secondary level. The country's extensive influence on the said discipline is so great that an estimated one quarter of the total scientific literature in the world is written in Russian.

Aside from being surprisingly unchanged despite its constant usage across such a vast country, the Russian vernacular is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.  

Russia - Facts & Figures






144.3 million

Area Size

17.1 million km²


6, 000,000 (210,000 international)

Academic Year

September - June


Russian Ruble (RUB)

Calling Code


Time Zone

UTC+2 to +12

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Not to be outdone in the field of literature and the arts, an education in Russia means that you’ll be learning at the birthplace of many world-renowned authors and musicians, with exhibitions and festivals regularly taking place at a national and international level.

Aside from its diverse culture, pursuing an education in Russia is made even more exciting with the fact that the country is home to 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites which attracts millions of tourists every year. It is quite common for universities to organize student trips to landmarks such as Red Square, The Kremlin and The Golden Mountains of Altai among others, making it perfect for students who have a constant travel itch.

Thinking of studying in this amazing country? The following sections below provide further information about what to expect when undertaking an education in Russia.

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Last update: 15 Mar 2018