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For years, students of IED - Istituto Europeo di Design have been distinguishing themselves professionally, nourishing both the Made in Italy phenomenon and production in their countries of origin with their creativity and competence.

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Lavish beaches, laid back lifestyle and delicious food make Spain a popular summer destination for people from all around the world. But an education in Spain is also a top pick for international students wishing to study abroad. Their education system has been refined over many years, with some of the oldest universities dating back to 1218 (how can you resist attending lectures in an old, historic castle?) Though a majority are from Europe or America, international students who pursue their education in Spain come from all over the world, so making friends from an array of cultural backgrounds is another huge drawing card for picking Spain as your study destination. Spanish universities are very open and welcoming, and hold a multitude of student events throughout the year, offering opportunities to explore the city, indulge in the culture and connect with fellow international students from all corners of the globe. Read on to learn more about why you should pursue an education in Spain.

Spain - The Facts & Figures







Area Size

505,990 km²


1,800,000 (60,000 international)

Academic Year

October - June


Euro (€)

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More about Spain

Located in the southwestern part of Europe (between France and Portugal), Spain is a land of stone castles, vast monuments and modern cities, with a long history influenced by many cultures, including the Castilians, Catalonians, Lusitanians, Galicians, Basques, Romans and Arabs. Students who pursue their education in Spain can immerse themselves in the Spanish spirit that has been described as the playfulness of a child with the wisdom of an adult.

Spain is a social and democratic state under a constitutional monarchy. It is a major developed country, with the fifth biggest economy in Europe and the 14th biggest in the world. It is a member of many international organizations, including the United Nations, European Union, Council of Europe, North Atlantic Treaty and World Trade Organisation.

Students who pursue an education in Spain can take advantage of the country's international connections, working with some Spanish-based multinational companies like Telefonica, Inditex, Santander Bank and Repsol YPF.

The study guide sections below offer further, more in-depth information about what to expect when undertaking an education in Spain.

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Last update: 15 Mar 2018