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Language in Sweden - Learning Swedish

Study in Swedish - Language

How to learn Swedish

Swedish is a northern Germanic language and is closely related to Norwegian and Danish. Speakers of Germanic languages such as German, Dutch and English share many cognates and grammatical structures so if you speak one of these languages, you may find it easy to learn Swedish!

The official language of Sweden is Swedish, but most international students have no problem getting along in Sweden if they speak English. In Sweden, everyone studies English from a young age, and television shows and movies are subtitled rather than dubbed.

Are you ready to start learning Swedish today? You can join a free online Swedish language course and start studying Swedish from anywhere in the world.

Study Swedish during your study abroad program

If you do want to learn Swedish, most Universities offer language courses for international students. Learning Swedish can be helpful in fully engaging in the Swedish experience and becoming more a part of the culture, but are by no means necessary if you're studying a program in English.If you're interested in studying Swedish while you're an international student in Sweden, read a full list Swedish universities where you can take classes in Swedish alongside your other studies:

Learn Swedish at an adult education center

If you're interested in learning Swedish, but would like to do so outside of or in addition to your study abroad program, you can study the language at an adult education institute. Some advantages might be the ability to take a course during the summer in between your semesters, as well as the freedom to learn Swedish without grades being recorded on your university transcripts. Keep in mind that studying Swedish that is not part of an accredited degree program at a university does not qualify you for a residence permit in Sweden.

Learn Swedish online

Online courses in Swedish have never been more plentiful. Whether you enroll in an intensive course, or casually learn Swedish through a free phone application in your spare time, you can be sure that you will arrive in Sweden with more language skills than you would have.Many international students continue to learn Swedish online even when they have arrived in Sweden. Read a list of Swedish language distance learning courses and how you can begin.

Already learning Swedish? Prove your Swedish language skills!

If you learn Swedish before you study abroad in Sweden, you have the opportunity to choose from a wider array of programs and study your courses in the Swedish language. Whether you enroll in a Swedish language course in your current city, or learn Swedish in an online course, Sweden makes it easy to validate your Swedish language skills. Click on the link below to learn about Swedish language proficiency tests and how to sign up.

Learn more about how to study in Sweden:

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