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Education in the United Kingdom

Education in the United Kingdom

Interested in Education in the United Kingdom?

With around 64 million inhabitants, the United Kingdom is an extremely diverse nation with a strong culture of racial integration and unity. Undertaking an education in the UK will offer a wide variety of landscapes to explore, from the bustling city of London, England, to the glittering lochs of Scotland. Another great reason to study in the United Kingdom is the broad spectrum of educational opportunities offered here. Read more below about the different types of higher education in the United Kingdom, as well as a few practical details you should consider during your preparations for studying abroad.

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The United Kingdom - Facts & Figures

Countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Most Populous Country: England
Official Language: English
Constitutional monarchy
 242,495 km²
Population: 65 million
Currency: Pound sterling (GBP), £
Calling Code: +44

The United Kingdom is a union made up of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. England is the largest nation of the four and the most populous with 52 million inhabitants. Scotland is the second largest nation in the United Kingdom, but also the most independent one with its own legal and educational system. Wales’ green landscapes with wide open spaces and national parks are some of the most stunning sights in the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland is famous for its rich history and warm, welcoming people.

Whatever location you choose, undertaking an education in the United Kingdom offers an extensive travel network that allows you to travel and see the rest of the region during weekends and holidays. As a student, you will usually get a discounted price on train and coach tickets.

While people in the United Kingdom do still enjoy Fish and Chips or a classic Sunday Roast dinner, the food culture today has become a melting pot of tastes from around the world. The United Kingdom is truly multicultural, and festivals and holidays or Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh, and Buddhist faiths are all celebrated.

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Last update: 06 Apr 2017