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Tags: Information for American Students

What Americans Need to Know to Study Abroad

Last updated: 6/18/2018

American students have numerous reasons for wanting to study abroad. Among them are the desire to travel, to learn a new language, or to prepare for future career opportunities. Like applying to programs in the United States, studying abroad just requires research and preparation to ensure you take part in the best experience possible.

FAFSA and Eligible International Schools

Last updated: 6/18/2018

Interested in studying abroad from the United States and curious to know which international schools will accept federal student loans? For your convenience, we've compiled a list of international universities and their status in federal student loan programs.

FAFSA and Studying Abroad: What American Students Need to Know

Last updated: 6/18/2018

You are not alone in thinking that tracking down all of the funding options available to you seems like a daunting task, to say the least. But, once they know where to start, most students realize that there are plenty of resources out there to get them started on the right track.