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Am I Ready to Study Abroad?

Last updated: 4/17/2018

At first, the decision to study abroad may seem like an easy one. Who doesn’t want the opportunity to explore an entirely different city and country while meeting new international friends along the way? However, upon further reflection, many prospective study abroad students start to ask themselves, "Am I ready to study abroad?"

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Tips for Studying Abroad in the Netherlands

Last updated: 4/12/2018

As a modern, egalitarian society with a rich cultural heritage and liberal social policies, it’s no wonder the Netherlands is one of the most popular European destinations to study abroad. However, no transition abroad is completely seamless, so we have compiled a list of tips and suggestions for prospective and new students alike to make the journey even easier.

Writing Your Motivation Letter for Studies Abroad

Last updated: 5/3/2018

When required, the motivation letter can seem like a challenge for applying to a school. However, the good news is that there are some general characteristics international higher education recruiters are looking for when considering potential new, international students.

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What Americans Need to Know to Study Abroad

Last updated: 4/12/2018

American students have numerous reasons for wanting to study abroad. Among them are the desire to travel, to learn a new language, or to prepare for future career opportunities. Like applying to programs in the United States, studying abroad just requires research and preparation to ensure you take part in the best experience possible.

The GRE and Graduate Studies Abroad

Last updated: 4/12/2018

If you are considering graduate-level education, then maybe you have also thought about taking advantage of a study abroad opportunity. If so, you need to know how to prepare. Is the GRE test required for admission into your top choice universities abroad? Read to find out.

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How To Do an Internship While Studying Abroad

Last updated: 11/27/2017

Many students think doing an internship and studying at the same time means saying goodbye to a social life. With the right internship, you could have fun while doing both! Wondering how to start? Read some advice written by writers who have done an internship abroad.

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Tips & Tricks for Taking the IELTS Test

Last updated: 5/22/2018

If English is not your native language and you’d like to study a degree in English abroad, you’ll have to take an International English Language Test or IELTS test. We’ve prepared some tips and advice to help you get totally prepared for the test and get your desired score.

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How to Find a Study Abroad Scholarship

Last updated: 11/1/2017

So you've decided to study abroad and everyone's saying "just apply for a scholarship."  Need help finding scholarships? This comprehensive Scholarship Guide, brought to you by, outlines the top scholarships currently available in Spain as well as other countries around the world. Browse the lists and start your applications now!    DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

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5 Reasons To Use Your University's Career Services

Last updated: 9/26/2017

A university's career services are often under utilized by their students. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should take advantage of this free resource while you have the chance!

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6 Reasons for Doing Your Master’s Abroad

Last updated: 4/27/2018

Have you ever wondered why students choose to do their master’s abroad instead of in their own country? If you want to know what benefits you will gain from doing a master’s degree abroad, take a look at’s list of top six reasons.

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